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Travel and survival in Almeria

The city of Almeria is Andalucia's most eastern capital. The city thriving modern metropolis with a positive vibe offers us incredible beaches, fabulous shops, beautiful historic monuments and some of the best and delicious tapas for free, and where you are always received with a warm welcome.

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Image - Almería
Frank:The Alcazaba of Almería can be seen from any part of the city and it is the biggest of the citadels built by the Arabs in Spain. Its construction was begun in 955 by Abderramán III and finished by Hayrán, "taifa" king of Almeria, in the XI century. After the Christian conquest it was reformed by the Catholic Monarchs and Carlos I. It has three walled enclosures. One of the three was built by the Catholic Monarchs. It was a royal residence and today stands at the foot of Al-Mutasin palace with all its rooms, its mosque, converted into a church since the end of the XV century, and its baths. It has only one entrance, made almost invisible by the enormous walls as well as large rooms with vaulted ceilings and gothic doors. From the top of the castle walls we can enjoy marvellous views of the city and the port. The Alcazaba of Almeria offers citizens, and visitors, an interesting and varied program of activities to enjoy and learn in the Monumental Complex. Alcazaba nights, dances, workshops, theater visits, music, flamenco, stories told and much more.
Image - Port of Almeria
Port of Almeria
Frank:Mediterranean cruises Car Ferry to Morocco
Image - Escuela de Baile Flamenco María la Rabota
Escuela de Baile Flamenco María la Rabota
Frank:Flamenco lessons
Image - Almería Central Market
Almería Central Market
Frank:Locals go thre Clean Fresh
Image - Travelade Image
Image - Paseo Marítimo Carmen de Burgos
Paseo Marítimo Carmen de Burgos
Frank:Bordering the coast of the city of Almería, parallel to the beaches of San Miguel, Zapillo, La Térmica and Nueva Almería, in the Northwest-Southeast direction, is the Almería seafront, currently known as the paseo Carmen de Burgos.This urban area has different areas to visit, Great for a good walk and jogging with the weather so good. Now everything is very clean and well maintained also nice to take some sunset drinks, and enjoy with family and friends.
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Image - Billy Brunch
Billy Brunch
Image - UMA

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  4. Escuela de Baile Flamenco María la Rabota
  5. Almería Central Market
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  7. Paseo Marítimo Carmen de Burgos
  8. Billy Brunch
  9. Teddy's Saj Sandwiches
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