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The most typical roman neighborhood!

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My Recommendations in Trastevere

Some lovely place in Trastevere you cannot miss!

Image - Ristorante Arco Di S. Calisto
Ristorante Arco Di S. Calisto
Alojsia:Just amazing! We love this restaurant! Excellent choice of local dishes, pizza, pasta and even gluten-free friendly!
Image - Meridionale Restaurant
Meridionale Restaurant
Alojsia:Tiny and lovely. Very good food!
Image - Giselda
Alojsia:Super breakfast, brunches and lunches. Homemade bread and a wide choice
Image - Villa Sciarra
Villa Sciarra
Alojsia:A little gem in the middle of Rome. Don't miss it!
Image - Gran Priorato di Roma dell'Ordine di Malta
Gran Priorato di Roma dell'Ordine di Malta
Alojsia:Seeing St. Peter from a different perspective surrounded by the beautiful Giardino degli Aranci. this is another hidden gem of Rome.
Image - Bar San Calisto
Bar San Calisto
Alojsia:Probably the oldest and most famous bar in Trastevere. Even Paolo Sorrentino choose it for the movie la Grande Bellezza!
Image - Gianicolo Midday Cannon
Gianicolo Midday Cannon
Alojsia:If you want to see Rome from the top, that's the perfect spot!
Image - Biscottificio Artigiano Innocenti
Biscottificio Artigiano Innocenti
Alojsia:Don't miss Stefania's cookies and biscuits! She kept the old tradition and still have the best choice in Rome
Image - Alembic
Alojsia:Lovely place for an aperitivo!
Image - Rome for You
Rome for You
Alojsia:They offer a wide range of tours and vespa, segway and ol 500 rental. They also offer a very convenient luggage storage
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Wonderguide map

  1. Ristorante Arco Di S. Calisto
  2. Meridionale Restaurant
  3. Giselda
  4. Villa Sciarra
  5. Gran Priorato di Roma dell'Ordine di Malta
  6. Bar San Calisto
  7. Gianicolo Midday Cannon
  8. Biscottificio Artigiano Innocenti
  9. Alembic
  10. Rome for You

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