Tracking India, Tracing Ram

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Pushap Raj Verma

Tracking India, Tracing Ram

The Ramayana circuit is one of thirteen thematic circuits identified for development by the ministry of tourism under Swadesh Darshan scheme. here are the 15 destinations available in this Wanderguide.

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My Recommendations

Image - The Johnson's Cafe and Hotel
The Johnson's Cafe and Hotel
Pushap Raj:I did my second internship from this property. Obviously a great crowd of guests can be seen in this property. This cafe is famous for Manali local trout :)
Image - The Lazy Dog Lounge
The Lazy Dog Lounge
Pushap Raj:Visit for a great hospitality. I visited this property while i was under training in The Johnson's cafe and hotel.
Image - Cafe 1947
Cafe 1947
Pushap Raj:A whole new experience for first timers! Great hospitality, great site views!
Image - Pause At Manali
Pause At Manali
Pushap Raj:Pause! Pause! Pause! ... Pause, because you are at Manali. This property is well known for great hospitality in Manali.
Image - Hotel River Bank
Hotel River Bank
Pushap Raj:This is a place from where i started my career in hospitality and tourism industry. Great site view and super hospitality will be offered if given a chance!
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Wonderguide map

  1. The Johnson's Cafe and Hotel
  2. The Lazy Dog Lounge
  3. Cafe 1947
  4. Backstreet Cafe Manali
  5. Pause At Manali
  6. Hotel River Bank
  7. The Daily Dose Cafe
  8. The Regent Palms Hotel
  9. The Anantmaya Resort
  10. Munish Resorts

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