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Little Gems

Image - Oji Seichi
Oji Seichi
Sam:This place is cute and freaking great! Do yourself a favour and make sure you go!
Image - 7 West Cafe
7 West Cafe
Sam:If you are in the bloor yonge area this place is quieter alternative with a lot of variety. Everything is tasty, it opens pretty late, and you can get something for everyone (drinks, tea, coffee, snacks). This is the chameleon of restaurants because it is fit for almost any occasion- brunch, evening tea, late-night drinks, a birthday... Be ready to tip though.
Image - Calii Love
Calii Love
Sam:If you ever crave a smoothie bowl just come here. An easy no-frills kind of place- better if you take it to go.
Image - Petit Potato 大有名糖 - Finch&Leslie
Petit Potato 大有名糖 - Finch&Leslie
Sam:There is another location and this place is spacious, beautiful and it has EVERYTHING- ramen, bubble tea, alcoholic drinks, chicken wings, bingsu, curry, pasta, you name it. The service is great and the food is so yummy!!!
Image - Hemingway's Restaurant
Hemingway's Restaurant
Sam:Hemingway's is the definition of a pub. It is great for meeting work friends or bringing a crowd because there is so much variety. The place is much bigger than what you can see from outside. The upstairs patios are perfect in the summer and all the food is everything you could want in a pub. PS. They make their drinks strong so beware.
Image - Brodflour
Sam:Brod=bread... this place is Scandinavian inspired and just has cozy wintery feeling of warmth. The bread is amazing, organic and fresh. It is actually harvested and milled here in Canada and they care about the local community too. I wish I went more often but try the rye and the seasonal toast. I believe they also do community dining, but I'm not too sure how it works.
Image - Yuugi Izakaya
Yuugi Izakaya
Sam:Jeff is the best owner ever! The signature drinks are incredible and the food is so unique like the ramen poutine! They are also open extremely late which makes for an enjoyable night out. But seriously, this place is the definition of a hidden gem.
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Coffee or Brunch

There are so many cafes in Toronto but most are overrated- here are some worth visiting

Image - Daily Grind
Daily Grind
Sam:A chill place (pretty small), really good coffee, baked goods and healthier lunch items. Location is pretty random so I suggest it only if you are in the area.
Image - Dineen Outpost
Dineen Outpost
Sam: LOVE DINEEN! It is my favourite cafe. This one is more East and out of most people's way but everything is delicious and they even have beer and wine here. The staff are great, the decor is cottage core meets urban city. Some great food items are the iced almond lattes, warm london fogs, matcha anything and carrot cake muffins!
Image - Strange Love Coffee at The Beverley Hotel
Strange Love Coffee at The Beverley Hotel
Sam:The drinks are all so GOOD, the staff are all nice and the vibe is pretty and 'trendy'. Yes, it is expensive so maybe a once-per-week treat! They also have some sort of shroom booster add-on... not sure about that one but you can try it and let me know!
Image - French Made Toronto
French Made Toronto
Sam:This is at the Bisha Hotel- the place has a Parisian personality and the pastries are delicious. It is a little pricey and honestly nothing out of this world, but if you take it slow one summer day, sit at the patio with a cappuccino and a croissant... you'll be happy.
Image - Mos Mos Coffee
Mos Mos Coffee
Sam:A friend and I followed a stranger in a fancy hat for a few streets one day and this is where they led us. They even mentioned it was one of their favourite places and now it's one of mine. The flavours are so different than other coffee shops and it is honestly delicious! The black tea latte is basically milk tea, the cardamom chai tastes like a Swedish roll, and everything else will have your name written all over.
Image - Le Gourmand
Le Gourmand
Sam:The service is not the best but the wait is worth it for the ticc' cookies and almond croissants, especially in the winter. You can also get real food here for breakfast but truthfully for a full breakfast I would just go to what a bagel.
Image - What A Bagel
What A Bagel
Sam:Try to find a sit-in place offering a fresh-made brunch with a decent assortment of drinks, eggs, fresh bread, and other baked goods in Toronto for this price. Everything here is just good, it's simple, it's tasty, and it's affordable.
Image - Forget Me Not Cafe
Forget Me Not Cafe
Sam:Nutella Latte, Lavander lemonade, toasty almond tea latte... can you tell this place is delicious? When you imagine a cafe with fall vibes, this place is what comes to mind- small space, mismatched decor, friendly staff, lots of locals and great drinks.
Image - HotBlack Coffee
HotBlack Coffee
Sam:I've only ever had an affogato here and can say it feels a little bar-ish which makes it more interesting than the average coffee shop. Everything is affordable too! The coffee is delicious (but that's a given).
Image - Early Bird Wine + Coffee
Early Bird Wine + Coffee
Sam:A place to bring your girls(s) for sure! It is small and pricey with long waiting times (nothing new) but the presentation, the colours and the vibe on Queen are enough to at least try it!
Image - Shy Coffee Co.
Shy Coffee Co.
Sam:Just a good coffee shop. Nothing too special but for some reason it is memorable so I recommend it (take to go).
Image - Found Coffee | Toronto
Found Coffee | Toronto
Sam:I pretend I am lost in Europe at this coffee shop. I love how relaxing, tasty and chic things are here. It is very pink and flowery but the people are friendly and it feels very laid back, which makes for a pleasant change of pace.
Image - Simit & Chai Co.
Simit & Chai Co.
Sam:Bagel sandwiches and Turkish coffee- how else could you want to start your day! This place offers different food from typical North American coffee shops and everything is so fresh (dine-in).

Ice Cream and Gelato

Set a time on your calendar every week to get ice cream- it will make you happier (guaranteed)

Image - Ice Creamonology
Ice Creamonology
Sam:The blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake ice cream is soooooo goood! Everything is made in house and it all tastes like heaven (and it is not too sweet).
Image - Nani's Gelato
Nani's Gelato
Sam:ok this gelato is better than all the other ones in Yorkville. Amazing flavours even the most basic ones are delightful.
Image - Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
Sam:If you don't want a cookie to go with your ice cream, then keep scrolling because this is the place where cookie monsters like you can get your fix of the only kind of sandwiches worth eating. The ice cream is amazing, the service is amazing, the cookies are amazing so all possible combinations of the above will likely also be amazing. Their popsicles are good too by the way!


Just my delicate selection of bars and cocktails around here

Image - CC Lounge and Whisky Bar
CC Lounge and Whisky Bar
Sam:This place is just a good change of scenery and the crowd is more interesting than anything you find at your local pub.
Image - BarChef
Sam:Best saved for a date or special occasion because it is fancy and super expensive but it is a sophisticated experience and you will leave impressed.
Image - Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words
Sam:This may not look like a bar but it IS.. chat, read, write AND COCKTAIL! Drinks are named after books so if you ever wondered if you could drink your favourite read... you CAN. This place is really unique, I wish I came here more often.
Image - Mother
Sam:The drinks here are very detail-oriented. Go here if you like intricate flavours and want to try something new.
Image - Farside
Sam:This bar is funky, eccentric, and pretty fun. It is laid back with indulgent snacks.

Feeling Fancy

This selection is for when you want something different- maybe save for a special occasion

Image - Aloette Restaurant
Aloette Restaurant
Sam: Yes it is expensive and the food can seem kind of basic but every dish is special and the flavours are on another level.The menu is small which is a good sign and you can even get take out!
Image - Miku Toronto
Miku Toronto
Sam:Disclaimer I have not been yet but it has been on my list for years because I saw it on TV, Of course the price is super expensive but the food looks high quality and delicious, with an artistic element for sure!
Image - Edulis Restaurant
Edulis Restaurant
Sam:This place is really expensive as well, but the food is honestly great, local and seasonal. It's hard finding Canadian style restaurants here... this is the only place I can think of other than maybe Canoe. The vibe is classy but also really chill. Everything about this place is just relaxed and enjoyable.
Image - Kasa Moto
Kasa Moto
Sam:A little pricey but the sushi here is top-notch at least for Toronto. Ask for the recommendations! Portions are small but the atmosphere is different with the design and decor and that Yorkville flair.
Image - The Hazelton Hotel
The Hazelton Hotel
Sam:Whether you come in the morning or in the evening, this place will make it feel like a getaway. The restaurant is open late and the crowd ranges from young families to first dates. If I had to choose a place to stay in Toronto it would likely be The Hazelton. It is slightly upscale but still casual, spacious, classic, and the service is great!

Not Your Average Italian Place

In Toronto, this needs its own section

Image - Piano Piano Restaurant
Piano Piano Restaurant
Sam:This place is the definition of business casual (but cuter). Everything tastes homemade and is delicious. However- wait times are long and prices are high.
Image - Terroni
Sam:Terroni is one of those places you go to for corporate dinners or dates that always fares well. I mean fancy Italian food can sometimes turn out a little unsatisfying but even though Terroni has an interesting spin, it is still delicious so you don't have to pretend to like your food for the sake of whatever situation you find yourself in, just enjoy it because it's good!
Image - Oretta
Sam:This place is pink and gorgeous! I say you go for happy hour :)
Image - Buca
Sam:Okay this place is expensive and it might not be everyone's cup of tea because it's fancy and you will probably have to search up some of the menu items if you are not an Italian food expert but I think if you are ever in town with adults who know what they like (and wine) this place will not disappoint.

Vegan/Vegetarian Places You can Love too

I am not vegan or vegetarian but I will go out of my way to eat at any place here

Image - Fresh Restaurants
Fresh Restaurants
Sam:Everything is decently priced and tastes really good. They are creative with their dishes, there are plenty of locations and you always know you are getting a nutritious meal.
Image - PLANTA | Yorkville
PLANTA | Yorkville
Sam:I have great memories here and the food is freshly made every time. Everything is delicious, the prices are decent and the atmosphere is very urban without being formal. The place is spacious and the staff are friendly- you cannot go wrong eating here.

Wonderguide map

  1. Oji Seichi
  2. 7 West Cafe
  3. Calii Love
  4. Petit Potato 大有名糖 - Finch&Leslie
  5. Hemingway's Restaurant
  6. Brodflour
  7. Yuugi Izakaya
  8. Daily Grind
  9. Dineen Outpost
  10. Strange Love Coffee at The Beverley Hotel
  11. French Made Toronto
  12. Mos Mos Coffee
  13. Le Gourmand
  14. What A Bagel
  15. Forget Me Not Cafe
  16. HotBlack Coffee
  17. Early Bird Wine + Coffee
  18. Shy Coffee Co.
  19. Found Coffee | Toronto
  20. Simit & Chai Co.
  21. Ice Creamonology
  22. Nani's Gelato
  23. Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
  24. CC Lounge and Whisky Bar
  25. BarChef
  26. Famous Last Words
  27. Mother
  28. Farside
  29. Aloette Restaurant
  30. Miku Toronto
  31. Edulis Restaurant
  32. Kasa Moto
  33. The Hazelton Hotel
  34. Piano Piano Restaurant
  35. Terroni
  36. Oretta
  37. Buca
  38. Fresh Restaurants
  39. PLANTA | Yorkville

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