Top things to do in Porto

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Eduarda Sousa

Top things to do in Porto

Porto is one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Those who come fall in love. In this wanderguide you will understand why.

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The best spots for incredible days in Porto

Image - Ribeira
Eduarda:Do you want to feel the warm sun of Portugal? Go to Ribeira and seat in a bar with a fantastic view. The river and the bridge are awesome.
Image - Sandeman Porto
Sandeman Porto
Eduarda:Porto is known worldwide for its wine. On this visit to the Sandeman you can learn more about the history of Portuguese wines.
Image - Clérigos Church + Clérigos Tower
Clérigos Church + Clérigos Tower
Eduarda:It offers spectacular views of the city. It is one of Porto's iconic places.
Image - Livraria Lello
Livraria Lello
Eduarda:Considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Its stairs are stunning.
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Great Restaurants

For those who like to eat well and enjoy gastronomy!

Image - Belos Aires Restaurante
Belos Aires Restaurante
Eduarda:Delicious Argentinian food. It is very good, but a little expensive.
Image - Majestic Café
Majestic Café
Eduarda: One of the oldest cafes in the city. To visit it is to know a little of the history of Porto
Image - Venham mais 5
Venham mais 5
Eduarda:This tavern is located in downtown Porto and offers as a specialty "prego no pão", which means a steak sandwich.
Image - Bira dos Namorados - Porto
Bira dos Namorados - Porto
Eduarda:Delicious artisan hamburgers you won't forget. The decoration reminds the north of Portugal


Good places to do some shopping

Image - Shopping santa catarina
Shopping santa catarina
Eduarda:Located in the center of Porto is great to make several purchases.
Image - PATCH Lifestyle Concept Store
PATCH Lifestyle Concept Store
Eduarda:Artur Mendanha is the person behind this beautiful concept store where you'll find vintage clothing, retro furniture and ceramics.
Image - A Vida Portuguesa - Loja Clérigos
A Vida Portuguesa - Loja Clérigos
Eduarda:In this place, you'll find some of the country’s history. There are many old brands like Couto or Viacro.

Green Spots

For those who need to disconnect from the stress of everyday life and enjoy some rest.

Image - Parque da Cidade do Porto
Parque da Cidade do Porto
Eduarda: The largest urban park in the country allows you to completely disconnect from the city and spend some time in peace.
Image - Jardins do Palácio de Cristal
Jardins do Palácio de Cristal
Eduarda: In these gardens you will always find activities that take place throughout the year such as the book fair or jazz concerts.
Image - Jardim Botânico do Porto
Jardim Botânico do Porto
Eduarda: Do you like to know different species of trees and plants? This place is ideal for a dip in the middle of nature.
Image - Garden Park of Virtues
Garden Park of Virtues
Eduarda:Another great spot to relax in the nature without spending any money. Great to read a book or simply take a nap.

Wonderguide map

  1. Ribeira
  2. Sandeman Porto
  3. Clérigos Church + Clérigos Tower
  4. Livraria Lello
  5. Belos Aires Restaurante
  6. Majestic Café
  7. Venham mais 5
  8. Bira dos Namorados - Porto
  9. Shopping santa catarina
  10. PATCH Lifestyle Concept Store
  11. A Vida Portuguesa - Loja Clérigos
  12. Parque da Cidade do Porto
  13. Jardins do Palácio de Cristal
  14. Jardim Botânico do Porto
  15. Garden Park of Virtues

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