Top 10 Places to Visit in Albania

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Nína Hjördís Þorkelsdóttir

Top 10 Places to Visit in Albania

In 2012, I traveled along the Adriatic coast from Croatia to Albania. I didn't do any research before my trip and was a little bit confused at first about where to go and what to do. If I had the opportunity to go again, I would visit these 10 places in Albania.

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10 Great Destinations in Albania

Image - Shkodër
Nína:Shkoder (or Shkodra) is an interesting town and famous for an attraction called Rozafa Castle. It was my first stop in Albania and I have to admit that I got pretty culture-shocked when I arrived.
Image - The Blue Eye
The Blue Eye
Nína:This is a cold-water spring in the southern part of the country. Ideal for swimming on super hot days.
Image - Theth National Park
Theth National Park
Nína:Theth National Park, located in the north of Albania, offers pristine landscapes and fantastic hikes. If you like hiking, there's a popular hike that goes from Theth to Valbone (6-8 hours in total).
Image - Durrës
Nína:If you're staying in Tirana (the capital), the beach town of Durres is within an easy reach. It also has some Roman ruins, if that's your thing.
Image - Berat
Nína:Berat, which is sometimes called "the city of a thousand eyes", is one of two Albanian towns that has a UNESCO-listed. A unique town two hours' drive from Tirana.
Image - Ksamil
Nína:If pristine beaches is what you're looking for, check out Ksamil in the south of Albania.
Image - Bunk'Art 2
Bunk'Art 2
Nína:I didn't find Tirana all that interesting, but if you're staying there and are interested in history you should definitely check out Bunk'art.
Image - Gjirokaster
Nína:Gijrokaster is a UNESCO-listed town, dating from the 17th century. It's located in the south of the country.
Image - Bënjë
Nína:The Benja Thermal Pools is an excellent choice if you like soaking in hot water while gazing at the mountains.
Image - Komani Lake
Komani Lake
Nína:A beautiful lake, not too far from Shkoder.
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  1. Shkodër
  2. The Blue Eye
  3. Theth National Park
  4. Durrës
  5. Berat
  6. Ksamil
  7. Bunk'Art 2
  8. Gjirokaster
  9. Bënjë
  10. Komani Lake

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