Top 10 Instagramable Places in Reykjavik

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Top15 Instagramable Places in Reykjavik

Pictures or it didn't happen 🤷🏻‍♀️

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The list 🐸

By all means don't consider this list exhaustive! There are plenty of places in the capital that deserve being photographed that didn't make it to the list, but here are a few ones that can't go wrong:

Image - Hallgrimskirkja
Nína:This one's a given! Also, the view from the tower is one of the best you can get of the city.
Image - Sky Lagoon
Sky Lagoon
Nína:A gorgeous new geothermal spa in Kopavogur, a suburb of Reykjavik. Just look at the infinity pool!
Image - Rainbow Street
Rainbow Street
Nína:Initially painted for the occasion of Reykjavik Pride, this street received so much attention from visitors and locals alike that the city council decided to keep it as it is. A stunning backdrop for your tourist pics.
Image - Sun Voyager
Sun Voyager
Nína:An iconic sculpture located by the northern seaside.
Image - Þúfa
Nína:Þufa is a sculpture by artist Olof Nordal, located in the Grandi Area. It also offers very nice views over the harbour.
Image - Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat
Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat
Nína:My all-time favourite sculpture in Reykjavik.
Image - Perlan
Nína:The weirdest building in Reykjavik. It has a 360 viewing platform, perfect for panoramic photography of the city.
Image - Harpa
Nína:The new concert hall is so photogenic. It's even better in the evening, when the facade is lit up.
Image - Snæfellsjökull
Nína:Snæfellsjökull is the only glacier that can be seen from the city. Sadly, scientists believe that it will disappear within 50 years or so. So go ahead and take pictures of it while it's still there.
Image - Tjörnin
Nína:The pond in the middle of Reykjavik is so beautiful on calm days. In the winter, it sometimes freezes over, which offers interesting opportunities for photography.
Image - Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach
Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach
Nína:Sea swimming is a popular activity in summer and winter alike. Catch gorgeous pictures by the sea, or in the geothermal hot tub nearby.
Image - Stunning Art in Videy Island, Reykjavik
Weekly Tour: Imagine Peace Tower
Nína:The Imagine Peace Tower is an art piece by Yoko Ono. It's located on Viðey island, but it can be seen from the city during the winter.
Image - braud og co.
Street Art in Reykjavik: A Colourful World
Nína:Look out for the colourful street art that can be seen almost everywhere in Reykjavik. And check out this article for information on where to see the most interesting pieces 👆🏼
Image - Landshöfðingjahúsið - Næpan
Landshöfðingjahúsið - Næpan
Nína:One of Reykjavik's most gorgeous residential buildings - Næpan.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Hallgrimskirkja
  2. Sky Lagoon
  3. Rainbow Street
  4. Sun Voyager
  5. Þúfa
  6. Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat
  7. Perlan
  8. Harpa
  9. Snæfellsjökull
  10. Tjörnin
  11. Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach
  12. Reykjavík Art Museum Ásmundarsafn
  13. Landshöfðingjahúsið - Næpan

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