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Peru - don't miss anything

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Image - Colca Canyon
Colca Canyon
Edwin Ruben Paja:Considered one of the deepest in the world, reaching approximately 4160 meters deep and home of the ancient ethnic groups The Collaguas and Cabanas
Image - Uros Floating Islands
Uros Floating Islands
Edwin Ruben Paja:The Uros Island, is a set of artificial floating islands formed from totora, inhabited by Uros, indigenous people descended from one ef the oldest cutures in America.
Image - Tambopata
Image - Arequipa
Edwin Ruben Paja:Also called "the White City" for its beautiful and traditional buildings of sillar, a type of white volcanic rock, located at the foot of the Misti volcano and recognized throughout Peru for its unique gastronomy.
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  1. Colca Canyon
  2. Taquile Island
  3. uros titicaca lodge
  4. Uros Floating Islands
  5. Tambopata
  6. Arequipa

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