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Nína Hjördís Þorkelsdóttir

Tokyo for Foodies and Vintage Lovers

I had heard so many great things about the culinary scene in Tokyo before I went there so my expectations were quite high. However, the food was even better than I dreamed of – simply out of this world! Here are a few restaurants and bars in Tokyo that I absolutely loved.

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Cheap eats 🍤

Eating well in Tokyo on the cheap is an easier than I thought. Even the convenience stores have a nice selection of sushi, bento boxes and other delicious treats at a pretty low price.

Image - Genki Sushi
Genki Sushi
Nína:Tried this sushi place in the Shibuya district on my first night in Tokyo and I urge you to do the same! There are no servers at Genki, only conveyor belts. This is a chain restaurant that can be found in other countries in Asia and it's also a bit touristy, but I still recommend that you try.
Image - Japan Street Food, Tokyo
How to Eat Incredibly Well in Tokyo on a Budget
Nína:Check this article for tips and tricks on how to eat well in Tokyo on a budget.
Image - Maruka
Nína:An iconic ramen place.
Image - Ichiran Shibuya
Ichiran Shibuya
Nína:Also a famous chain restaurant but the ramen is absolutely delicious. Close to perfection, I'd say.
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Lovely Vintage Shops 👜

I was amazed by the number of vintage stores in Tokyo (and Kyoto). It's simply incredible. Here are a few very nice vintage stores I came across in Tokyo.

Image - Jantiques
Nína:Every item in this store seems to be very carefully selected. It isn't cheap, but instead you'll find a number of unique and stunning pieces. A lot of other nice vintage stores on the same street.
Image - RAGTAG Shibuya Store
RAGTAG Shibuya Store
Nína:Here you'll find a lot of fashion labels, such as Comme des Garsons, Céline, Martin Margiela and more.
Image - Shinjuku Chuo Park
Shinjuku Chuo Park
Nína:There's a flea market in this park 1–3 times a month (on a Saturday).
Image - Flamingo原宿店
Nína:Nice clothes, reasonable prices.

Shopping 💸

Image - EW.Pharmacy
Nína:Here you can by a customized bouquet of dried flowers.
Image - 85[ハチゴウ] Hachigo
85[ハチゴウ] Hachigo
Nína:Fermentation shop

Bars + restaurants in Nakameguro 🍸

Image - Caldo
Nína:A nice Spanish restaurant – excellent tapas, good vibe and outdoor seating. It's under a train track, so it's a bit noisy (but I wouldn't worry about it unless you're really sensitive to noise).
Image - Japanese Sake bar 「Robata-no-sato」 Nakameguro
Japanese Sake bar 「Robata-no-sato」 Nakameguro
Nína:Loved everything about this sake place. Amazing sake, amazing food, delicious desserts and such a vibrant atmosphere. There are in fact so many excellent sake bars all over Japan and the ones I visited were all fantastic. Definitely my pro tip for visitors in Japan!

Wonderguide map

  1. Genki Sushi
  2. Maruka
  3. Ichiran Shibuya
  4. Jantiques
  5. RAGTAG Shibuya Store
  6. Shinjuku Chuo Park
  7. Flamingo原宿店
  9. EW.Pharmacy
  10. 85[ハチゴウ] Hachigo
  11. Caldo
  12. Japanese Sake bar 「Robata-no-sato」 Nakameguro

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