Eye of Tirana

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Eye of Tirana

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My Favorite Place to Go

Image - Grand Park of Tirana
Grand Park of Tirana
Luis:The Fresh Air of nature is the best cure after a stressed day
Image - Bunk'Art 2
Bunk'Art 2
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My Recommendations

Image - National History Museum
National History Museum
Luis:The best place to visit if every one want to know the history of Albania. In this museum you can find every thing from Albania history. From sword from National Hero era till personal stuff of Albania Dictator Enver Hoxha. Don't miss this opportunity.
Image - Skanderbeg Square
Skanderbeg Square
Luis:The new Square is the build 2-3 years ago with rock from different city of Albania.
Image - Sky Tower
Sky Tower
Luis:Sky Tower Hotel is a deluxe place to stay in Tirana. This venue is housed in a historic-style building. Airport shuttle service, laundry and dry cleaning service as well as a designated place for smoking, a safety deposit box and an ATM are on hand. The accommodation is situated on a 10-minute walk from Clock Tower and within meters of a railway station. Skanderbeg Square is just 10 minutes away on foot. Tirana includes a palace, an opera and a theatre that are located nearby. Each room at the property features individual climate control, a private balcony and IDD phone along with a fantastic view over the city. They are also complete with a dishwasher, coffee and tea making facilities and glassware. Guests can enjoy a daily buffet breakfast in the restaurant. It has an on-site top-floor restaurant as well as a lobby bar. The accommodation has a bar with karaoke and a terrace. King House offers a selection of dishes approximately 100 meters from the hotel. Staying at Sky
Image - Pyramid of Tirana
Pyramid of Tirana
Luis:On 14 October 1988, the structure opened as the Enver Hoxha Museum, originally serving as a museum about the legacy of Enver Hoxha, the long-time leader of Communist Albania, who had died three years earlier. The structure was co-designed by Hoxha's daughter Pranvera Hoxha, an architect, and her husband Klement Kolaneci, along with Pirro Vaso and Vladimir Bregu. When built, the Pyramid was said to be the most expensive individual structure ever constructed in Albania.The Pyramid has sometimes been sardonically called the "Enver Hoxha Mausoleum", although this was never its intended use or official appellation.
Image - Blloku
Luis:The best place in the city to party like a Russian and to eat the best food in the city .
Image - Toptani Shopping Center
Toptani Shopping Center
Luis:Most favorite shopping center in city where u can find every thing from luxurious things to cheap stuff
Image - Cinco Cavalli Night Club Tirana
Cinco Cavalli Night Club Tirana
Luis:One the best night clubs to party every day like a rockstar.
Image - The Plaza
The Plaza
Luis:The Plaza Tirana is a luxury hotel in Tirana, Albania. It is located on 28 Nëntori Street, near the Skanderbeg Square.
Image - Tirana International Hotel
Tirana International Hotel
Luis:One the best hotel in Tirana where the view justify the price of this hotel.
Image - BUNK'ART
Luis:After the inaguration, in June 1978 by the dictator Enver Hoxha, opened to the public the anti-nuclear bunker built by the communist government. A 5 floor palace underground, with 106 rooms and an assembly hall, now turned into an historical and art center called "BUNK'ART". The passageways, the areas provided for the meetings of the General Staff of the Army in case of war, the rooms where was thought would sleep the communist exdictator Enver Hoxha and the former Prime Minister Mehmet Shehu in case of a nuclear attack, the gigantic hall dedicated to the meetings of the political Bureau which contains also an albanian tipical Buffe are transformed into a video museum exhibition and into art. Starting from April 2016, BUNK'ART is now made permanent, turning into a unique attraction site for tourists in the region, showing the albanian life during the 45 years of communism.

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  1. I Love Tirana Sign
  2. Grand Park of Tirana
  3. Bunk'Art 2
  4. National History Museum
  5. Skanderbeg Square
  6. Sky Tower
  7. Pyramid of Tirana
  8. Blloku
  9. Toptani Shopping Center
  10. Cinco Cavalli Night Club Tirana
  11. The Plaza
  12. Tirana International Hotel
  13. BUNK'ART

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