Things to Do in Puglia, Italy

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Things to Do in Puglia, Italy

If Italy is half a pair of high-heeled boots, then Puglia is the high heel. One of the lesser-known regions, it is mainly visited by Italian tourists, but it's getting more and more popular internationally as well. Old towns, delicious food, pristine beaches and dolce vita.

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Image - Tenuta Monacelle
Tenuta Monacelle
Viktor:Located on one of the few hills of Puglia, this hotel offers heavenly views of the surrounding Italian landscape. On the premises, there are traditional Apulian stone houses called trulli, which add to the authentic experience. Rooms are nice and affordable, and prices include a buffet breakfast. The restaurant serves typical dishes of the region, and you also have a swimming pool
Image - Casina Fumarola
Casina Fumarola
Viktor:The Apulian version of a little house on a prairie surrounded by olive trees, cacti and agave, this holiday home lies on a private estate so big that you cannot see its borders. It is suitable for families, and the 2 rooms can comfortably accommodate 5 people. Just outside of Ostuni, so you definitely need a car to get around. The door frames are a bit low, so you have to be careful not to bump your head
Image - Casa vacanza DONNA APOLLONIA
Viktor:The location of this Monopoli apartment is perfect. You can see the sea from the enormous balcony, there are 3 small beaches a stone's throw away from the apartment, and the atmospheric historic center is equally close. There are 2 rooms for up to 5 people
Image - Casa Telesio
Casa Telesio
Viktor:Relatively close to the center of Ostuni. A solid choice for 4 people. With 2 rooms and separate bathroom and toilet. Perfect value for money
Image - Masseria Zambardo
Masseria Zambardo
Viktor:Very stylish and well-kept countryside B&B suitable for families
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Sights in Ostuni

Image - Centro Storico
Centro Storico
Viktor:The historic center of Ostuni offers a variety of old palaces, churches, restaurants and bars. It is great fun to walk around aimlessly in the evening, and explore the hidden corners of the old town
Image - Museum of Preclassic Civilizations of the Southern Murgia
Museum of Preclassic Civilizations of the Southern Murgia
Viktor:Housed in an old church, this museum exhibits prehistoric artifacts from the region. The most interesting one is the skeleton of a pregnant woman cupping her belly with the bones of the fetus clearly visible inside her
Image - Palazzo Tanzarella
Palazzo Tanzarella
Viktor:A former family palace, this exhibition space displays summer shows of such modern masters as Picasso and Warhol

Food and Drinks in Ostuni

Image - Al Solito Posto - Ristorante Pizzeria
Al Solito Posto - Ristorante Pizzeria
Viktor:Delicious fresh seafood and pizza in a contemporary and tasteful ambiance. Reservation is required especially at the weekends
Image - La Pastasciutta
La Pastasciutta
Viktor:If you want to have an early lunch on a Sunday, this is one of the few places which is open. Friendly service, family-run and cheap
Image - Sax Restaurant
Sax Restaurant
Viktor:In the middle of the old town, this typical restaurant doesn't look like much at first, and the menu is also overwhelmingly long, but the food will exceed all your expectations. Not over-run by tourists, they serve rich pizzas, fresh seafood and meats. You can sit inside or outside on the terrace or in a small alleyway of the old town. They can even seat a group of 14 people, but reservation is required
Image - Gipas 111
Gipas 111
Viktor:Cocktail bar with outside seating next to a tall church. Very enjoyable atmosphere, but the beanbag chairs can get really uncomfortable after awhile
Image - Il Bellavista
Il Bellavista
Viktor:Light pizzas and divine burrata. Outside seating in a narrow old town street. Able to host larger groups of 10+ people
Image - Riccardo Caffè
Riccardo Caffè
Viktor:Very popular bar. A bit more expensive than most places in Ostuni

Sights in Monopoli

Image - Centro Storico
Centro Storico
Viktor:During the day a sleepy old town, but at night the historic center of Monopoli transforms into a bustling stream of people, a seemingly never-ending row of lively restaurants, and an indescribably good feeling fills the air
Image - Centro Murattiano
Centro Murattiano
Viktor:The new central square of Monopoli is where old and young come in the evening to sit and watch the people passing by
Image - Museo Diocesano Seminario Vescovile
Museo Diocesano Seminario Vescovile
Viktor:During summer, the museum organizes guided evening tours to discover the history of Monopoli

Food and Drinks in Monopoli

Image - Ristorante La Vecchia Taverna
Ristorante La Vecchia Taverna
Viktor:If you want to have a late lunch, this is the restaurant that closes latest for the afternoon. Fresh seafood in a traditional interior. They usually tell you how long it takes to get your food, so not only do you know that everything is freshly prepared, but the food itself is also amazing
Image - Trattoria San Domenico
Trattoria San Domenico
Viktor:Perfectly seasoned seafood risotto for 2 in a modestly elegant ambiance. If you arrive when they open for evening service, you can still get a table even without a reservation
Image - komera, cucina nostra
komera, cucina nostra
Viktor:Possibly the only place in Puglia that has something close to a soup. It wasn't a soup though. In general, the place is very chic and pleasant, the food is tasty and plentiful, and the service is very kind, yet exclusive
Image - Vini e Panini
Vini e Panini
Viktor:Laid-back place serving wines, cocktails, panini and other bar food on the main square of the old town. Perfect for people watching
Image - Panificio Fortunato
Panificio Fortunato
Viktor:Bakery outside the old town offering delicious baked goods with different fillings from tuna with capers to artichoke with cheese
Image - Piazzetta 10 Pizza & Restaurant Centro Storico Monopoli
Piazzetta 10 Pizza & Restaurant Centro Storico Monopoli
Viktor:Pizza place on the main square of the old town. Popular with families
Image - Gelateria Caruso
Gelateria Caruso
Viktor:This trendy ice cream parlor offers some of the most chocolaty ice cream you have ever tried. Located on the main square of the old town
Image - Ristorante Pizzeria Bar Porto Rosso
Ristorante Pizzeria Bar Porto Rosso
Viktor:Outside the old town, perched on top of some rocks next to the sea, this restaurant has beautiful nighttime views of the old town. They serve fresh seafood. However, they have live music, which is rather intrusive, quite loud, and frankly a bit annoying

Shopping in Monopoli

Image - Travelade Image
Jackstore Vintage Shop
Viktor:Hipster vintage clothes shop
Image - GiùInLab - Ceramiche, Architettura, Design
GiùInLab - Ceramiche, Architettura, Design
Viktor:At this old-town studio, you can actually see the ceramics being made. You can buy beautiful decorative pots for house plants. Closed on Sunday


If you want to go on a day tour to another town, Alberobello is the place to go. It is not far from Ostuni, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is definitely worth seeing.

Image - In Alberobello Trulli
In Alberobello Trulli
Viktor:Alberobello is a typical little village that still has the famous old-style little houses only found in Puglia called trullo, or plural trulli
Image - Trullo Siamese monumento Souvenir
Trullo Siamese monumento Souvenir
Viktor:The oldest trullo in Alberobello from the 1400s
Image - Trullo Sovrano
Trullo Sovrano
Viktor:The only trullo with a raised floor from the early 1700s
Image - L'Aratro
Viktor:This restaurant serves grilled meats in a trullo. Good service

Polignano a Mare

Image - Info-Point turistico Polignano a Mare
Info-Point turistico Polignano a Mare
Viktor:When visiting Polignano a Mare, it is worth starting your tour at this tourist information point. You can get some general tips on what to see along with some maps and booklets. Also you can try to book a boat tour to avoid the usual crowds at the beaches and to see the sea caves only visible from the open waters
Image - Arco Marchesale Centro storico di Polignano
Arco Marchesale Centro storico di Polignano
Viktor:This arch serves as the main entrance to the old town
Image - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II
Viktor:The main square of the old town is lined with cute restaurants and you can see the church of S. Maria Assunta here
Image - Lama Monachile Cala Porto
Lama Monachile Cala Porto
Viktor:Located near the historic city center is the picturesque beach of Lama Monachile, framed by towering rocks
Image - Museum of Contemporary Art Pino Pascali
Museum of Contemporary Art Pino Pascali
Viktor:This museum is dedicated to the art of Apulian contemporary artist Pino Pascali. The permanent exhibition presenting his work is good, although there aren't too many works to see. There are temporary exhibits too on 2 floors. Good place to cool off after a long sightseeing walk in the sun
Image - Martinucci Laboratory
Martinucci Laboratory
Viktor:Good ice cream next to the old town


Image - Spiaggia di Pantanagianni Grande
Spiaggia di Pantanagianni Grande
Viktor:Pantanagianni is hands down one of the best beaches in Puglia. It has everything. It's big enough to find a spot even when crowded. The beach itself is sandy and the water is warm and calm. There is a bar, which serves grilled seafood. What more do you want?
Image - Torre Canne Beach
Torre Canne Beach
Viktor:One of the closest beaches to Alberobello. It can get quite crowded, but it's long, so it's good for swimming lengthwise
Image - Parco Naturale Regionale Dune Costiere da Torre Canne a Torre San Leonardo
Parco Naturale Regionale Dune Costiere da Torre Canne a Torre San Leonardo
Viktor:The beach at this natural park is famous for its sand dunes covered with grass. There can be big waves
Image - Piventitre
Viktor:If you cannot find a spot at any of the public beaches, you can still go to this private beach club outside the old town. It is quite pricey, but it looks nice and the staff are polite
Image - Cala Porta Vecchia
Cala Porta Vecchia
Viktor:This beach is right next to the old town of Monopoli. There are no big waves even in windy weather
Image - Cala White Harbor Beach
Cala White Harbor Beach
Viktor:At this tiny beach close to the old town of Monopoli it is impossible to find a spot during the day. The water is warm though
Image - Spiaggia di Cala Porto Rosso
Spiaggia di Cala Porto Rosso
Viktor:This small beach close to the old town can get completely packed, and there can be some cold currents on the surface of the water, but it looks very pretty with its rocks

Wonderguide map

  1. Tenuta Monacelle
  2. Casina Fumarola
  3. Casa vacanza DONNA APOLLONIA
  4. Casa Telesio
  5. Masseria Zambardo
  6. Centro Storico
  7. Museum of Preclassic Civilizations of the Southern Murgia
  8. Palazzo Tanzarella
  9. Al Solito Posto - Ristorante Pizzeria
  10. La Pastasciutta
  11. Sax Restaurant
  12. Gipas 111
  13. Il Bellavista
  14. Riccardo Caffè
  15. Centro Storico
  16. Centro Murattiano
  17. Museo Diocesano Seminario Vescovile
  18. Ristorante La Vecchia Taverna
  19. Trattoria San Domenico
  20. komera, cucina nostra
  21. Vini e Panini
  22. Panificio Fortunato
  23. Piazzetta 10 Pizza & Restaurant Centro Storico Monopoli
  24. Gelateria Caruso
  25. Ristorante Pizzeria Bar Porto Rosso
  26. Jackstore Vintage Shop
  27. GiùInLab - Ceramiche, Architettura, Design
  28. In Alberobello Trulli
  29. Trullo Siamese monumento Souvenir
  30. Trullo Sovrano
  31. L'Aratro
  32. Info-Point turistico Polignano a Mare
  33. Arco Marchesale Centro storico di Polignano
  34. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II
  35. Lama Monachile Cala Porto
  36. Museum of Contemporary Art Pino Pascali
  37. Martinucci Laboratory
  38. Spiaggia di Pantanagianni Grande
  39. Torre Canne Beach
  40. Parco Naturale Regionale Dune Costiere da Torre Canne a Torre San Leonardo
  41. Piventitre
  42. Cala Porta Vecchia
  43. Cala White Harbor Beach
  44. Spiaggia di Cala Porto Rosso

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