Things to do in Myanmar

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Things to do in Myanmar

A country that is still not overflooded with tourists but has so much to offer. In return the infrastructure is maybe not the best but the people are the friendliest in the world and always happy to help. Here is a list of my top things to do and see!

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Bagan ✨

A must visit when in Myanmar! The city of thousand temples. Make sure to wake up early and catch the sunrise over the temples with airballoons all around! I recommend renting a scooter so you can drive around all the temple as you like and visit the ones you really want to see.

Image - Weather Spoon's Restaurant and Bar
Weather Spoon's Restaurant and Bar
Þórey:Really good hamburgers 🍔 They are huge and delicious 😋
Image - La Terrazza
La Terrazza
Þórey:Fancy Italian restaurant with some nice pastas and pizzas.
Image - Myanmar Han Hotel
Myanmar Han Hotel
Þórey:Great Hotel! Really nice pool, clean and big rooms, nice restaurant at the top floor and really nice breakfast. Recommend to stay if you need a little time to rest. The only downside is the location, they are a bit far from Bagan downtown. But they offer a shuttle to Bagan downtown couple of times a day and also scooters available for rent.
Image - Cafè Friends
Cafè Friends
Þórey:Really cheap and good restaurant! Nice sandwiches and good smoothies, recommend if you are on a budget 💰
Image - Thatbyinnyu Phaya
Thatbyinnyu Phaya
Þórey:Huge temple that is in a different color than the other red ones. One of my favourites
Image - Sunrise temple 386
Sunrise temple 386
Þórey:Great for sunrise but gets really crowded. As of 2018 it is forbidden to climb most temples in Bagan but I think it is still allowed for this one.
Image - Dhammayan Gyi Temple
Dhammayan Gyi Temple
Þórey:Largest temple in Bagan but unfortunately it was never finished completely. You can see it from almost everywhere - definitely worth checking out, at least from a far.
Image - Ananda Temple
Ananda Temple
Þórey:Another white one, this one is really old but pretty!
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Inle lake 🚣‍♀️

Also a must visit when in Myanmar! The small town around Inle lake is amazing. Everywhere you go you see monks walking around in their dark red or orange ropes. I recommend taking a boat trip on Inle lake. We booked a trip through our hotel and it was great, you go to various places like the floating tomato farms, the five day market, meet the women from the Padaung tribe (long neck ladies), a silk factory, family that makes cigars for a living and so much more. If you are lucky you'll see the fishermen fishing by standing on one leg and holding the net with the other one - amazing stuff!

Image - Three Seasons Inn & Spa
Three Seasons Inn & Spa
Þórey:Really nice hotel. Nothing fancy but everything you need. The owner was really nice and wanted to do everything for us, he even ordered us a pizza one night and asked one of his guys to go get it because it was pouring rain ☔️ 🍕
Image - One Owl Grill
One Owl Grill
Þórey:Nice pizzas and hummus!
Image - The French Touch
The French Touch
Þórey:Really nice interior in this place - full of photographs! All kinds of sweets to order and you call the waiter by making a frog sound with a wooden frog on the table 🐸 They show a movie everyday at 19:30 that can be a really nice ending to the day.
Image - Red Mountain Estate Vineyards & Winery
Red Mountain Estate Vineyards & Winery
Þórey:Great views! Recommend to go late in the day and watch the sunset 🌅The wine is nothing special (we are in Asia) but I still recommend going, we also had a pizza for dinner that was surprisingly good. If your hotel/hostel offers bikes you can bike up there but it is a little bit far to walk from town.

Mandalay 🌉

Nice place to stop for a couple of days before flying out or when flying in to Myanmar. The oldest tree bridge in the world is there - really amazing to see!

Image - U Bein Bridge
U Bein Bridge
Þórey:The oldest teakwood bridge in the world! Recommend to go see if you are in Mandalay
Image - The Home Hotel
The Home Hotel
Þórey:Nice hotel with really nice staff, huge rooms and big breakfast buffet. They offer free bicycles for their guests which I really liked 🚴 It was under construction when we were there but that did not ruin anything except that the elevator did not work so we needed to walk up to the 5th floor everytime to our room.
Image - Nova Coffee
Nova Coffee
Þórey:If you fancy a more western place then check this out. But be prepared to pay much higher prices than local places
Image - Central Park's Pizza
Central Park's Pizza
Þórey:Great nachos, quesadilla and pizza. The have delivery service!! Game changer when we did not want to go outside of the hotel one night and just ordered pizza to eat in the hotel room 🍕
Image - Little Mushroom Coffee & Juice
Little Mushroom Coffee & Juice
Þórey:Nice coffee house with very good cheesecake. Sally the owner is extremely nice! Recommend if you fancy a good cup of coffee ☕️
Image - Little Stars Water Park
Little Stars Water Park
Þórey:We had a day to spare and bicycled to this water park (10 km from down town). Nice but more directed towards children than adults
Image - BBQ House
BBQ House
Þórey:More fancy BBQ place but was okay. I rather recommend Shwe Khaing III
Image - My Gym
My Gym
Þórey:If you really crave working out then this place does the job. It is nothing fancy (carpets on the floor) but has the necessary equipment and a one time entry is cheap (around 1,5 USD).
Image - Shwe Khaing III
Shwe Khaing III
Þórey:Really good and cheap local BBQ place! You pick every thing you like from a buffet and hand it over to the guy on the grill. Recommend going there at least once 😃

Yangon 🧘‍♀️

Probably the place you fly to or from when travelling to Myanmar. Shwedagon Pagoda is a must see if you are there. Enough to stop for a couple of days and then move on.

Image - 999 Shan Noodle Shop
999 Shan Noodle Shop
Þórey:Great noodle soup for around 1 USD!
Image - Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwedagon Pagoda
Þórey:Must see if you are in Yangon. I recommend going around sunset, then you can see the pagoda change color.
Image - Circular Line Yangon
Circular Line Yangon
Þórey:Recommend taking this circular train if you are in Yangon, takes three hours the whole circle and is insanely cheap (less then half a dollar). You get to see the country side a bit and get a glimpse into how people live. It is amazing how close to the train tracks the food stall are!!
Image - Papa's Pizzeria
Papa's Pizzeria
Þórey:Really nice pizzas but quite expensive. If you want to treat yourself go here 🍕

Ngapali 🏝

Small, nice beach town. I was there in late May (not high season) and almost everything was closed. But I recommend visiting if you are in Myanamar during high season. If you like seafood then this place is filled with restaurants that specialise in seafood 🐠

Image - AZ Family Guest House
AZ Family Guest House
Þórey:Cute cabins on the beach. If it is hot I recommend getting one with air-con. Free bicycles to bike around the town.

Traveling between places in Myanmar 🚌

I traveled using buses all the time we were in Myanmar. The buses were very different in quality, some were really good and some really bad (then I mean loose seats, wooden floors, seats to high so you can't reach the floor and driving with the door open for all 12 hours bad). Don't always expect the bus to have air condition even if the travel agent that is selling you the tickets says it definitely has it. Note that the buses often arrive at the location in the middle of the night (I have no idea why) but we once needed to hop over a fence to get to our hotel and many times needed to put on our puppy face and ask to have an early check-in when arriving at 3am at the hotel/hostel when the check-in started at noon the next day.

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  1. Weather Spoon's Restaurant and Bar
  2. La Terrazza
  3. Myanmar Han Hotel
  4. Cafè Friends
  5. Thatbyinnyu Phaya
  6. Sunrise temple 386
  7. Dhammayan Gyi Temple
  8. Ananda Temple
  9. Three Seasons Inn & Spa
  10. One Owl Grill
  11. The French Touch
  12. Red Mountain Estate Vineyards & Winery
  13. U Bein Bridge
  14. The Home Hotel
  15. Nova Coffee
  16. Central Park's Pizza
  17. Little Mushroom Coffee & Juice
  18. Little Stars Water Park
  19. BBQ House
  20. My Gym
  21. Shwe Khaing III
  22. 999 Shan Noodle Shop
  23. Shwedagon Pagoda
  24. Circular Line Yangon
  25. Papa's Pizzeria
  26. AZ Family Guest House

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