Things I'm Going to Do in Lisbon

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Things to Do in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most charming and inviting cities I've ever been to. I was amazed by the number of gourmet restaurants, cozy cafés, mild weather (even in January!) and low prices. Here are my highlights from my 5-day Lisbon trip in January 2019.

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Some of these places are actually just outside of Lisbon, but traveling there is easy and cheap.

Image - Cabo da Roca
Cabo da Roca
Nína:The westernmost point of continental Europe. Beautiful ocean views and awe-inspiring cliffs.
Image - Alfama
Nína:The "old town" of Lisbon, characterized by narrow streets and cozy little restaurants.
Image - Castelo de S. Jorge
Castelo de S. Jorge
Nína:Exploring this castle is a must! If you have time, I recommend that you join the guided tour, which is included in the admission price.
Image - Belém
Nína:Belém is located around 8 kilometres west of Lisbon. Explore its breathtaking monastery, a big museum of modern art and the huge monuments.
Image - Cascais
Nína:A lovely beach town, west of Lisbon. Well worthy of a visit, even in the winter.
Image - Park and National Palace of Pena
Park and National Palace of Pena
Nína:This surprisingly cool palace used to belong to the Portuguese royal family. It's not your usual "royal" castle, it's super eccentric!
Image - Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Nína:A huge monument by the seaside in Belém, dedicated to the conquistadors of Portugal.
Image - Jerónimos Monastery
Jerónimos Monastery
Nína:This monastery in Belém is anything but humble. It's well worth the visit, but I think the admission ticket is a bit expensive though.
Image - Museu Coleção Berardo
Museu Coleção Berardo
Nína:This huge modern art museum boasts of works by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, David Hockney and more. Ongoing temporary exhibitions as well.
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🍕Cheap Eats

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are a few places you can count on :)

Image - Estaminé art food drink
Estaminé art food drink
Nína:Small restaurant, good tapas.
Image - Taberna Sal Grosso
Taberna Sal Grosso
Nína:Never have I seen so many positive reviews on Tripadvisor for a single restaurant! Absolutely vital to make a reservation first!
Image - Valdo Gatti Pizza Bio
Valdo Gatti Pizza Bio
Nína:Didn't get the chance to try these pizzas when I was in Lisbon, but apparently they're very good.
Image - Pastéis de Belém
Pastéis de Belém
Nína:The original (and best) pastéis de nata in Lisbon! Don't let the line in front of this bakery scare you away, it moves surprisingly fast.
Image - Tasco do vigário
Tasco do vigário
Nína:Authentic restaurant, serving traditional Portuguese food. Simple yet fresh food, lovely staff and low prices.
Image - Gelados Santini
Gelados Santini
Nína:This is an extremely popular gelato-shop in Cascais. I tried their orange sorbet, which was refreshing and a little bit bitter.
Image - Ginginha do Carmo
Ginginha do Carmo
Nína:A small kiosk where you can try the traditional Portuguese liqueur, Ginginha.

🍷Restaurants and Bars

I couldn't try all the restaurants I wanted since I just stayed in Lisbon for 5 days. I will definitely go back to try those I missed!

Image - Estrela da Bica
Estrela da Bica
Nína:The exterior of this amazing restaurant is very low key, but the food is anything but! Very ambitious kitchen and a cozy atmosphere.
Image - À Parte
À Parte
Nína:I really wanted to try out this restaurant but I didn't have the time. I guess I'll have to save it for next time.
Image - Tapisco Lisboa
Tapisco Lisboa
Nína:Loved eating at Tapisco. Chic interiors and amazing food. Enjoying a glass of vermouth as an apperitif is a must.
Image - Prado
Nína:This is a new place that has gotten very good reviews. Sadly I didn't have the time to have dinner there.
Image - Sr. Lisboa
Sr. Lisboa
Nína:A perfect place to try good Portuguese tapas. It's rather small, so make a reservation if you intend to eat there during the busiest hours.
Image - Gin Lovers & Less
Gin Lovers & Less
Nína:This gin bar and restaurant is situated in one of the most gorgeous venues in Lisbon!


You can find all the usual retail chains (Zara, Mango, H&M etc.) in Lisbon, but I was more interested in something a little more authentic. Here are some suggestions:

Image - Mercado de Santa Clara / Feira da Ladra
Mercado de Santa Clara / Feira da Ladra
Nína:Flea market, open on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Beware of pickpockets!
Image - LxFactory
Nína:LxFactory is a hip marketplace/restaurant complex, located in an abandoned factory between Lisbon and Belém. Flea market on Sundays.
Image - Paris EM Lisboa
Paris EM Lisboa
Nína:Lovely store in the city centre that offers luxury linens, bathrobes and various items for the home.
Image - Fashion Clinic (Woman)
Fashion Clinic (Woman)
Nína:A concept store offering labels such as Balenciaga, the Attico, Givenchy and much more.
Image - Ás de Espadas vintage store and more
Ás de Espadas vintage store and more
Nína:Portuguese vintage. You'll also find more vintage stores in the same street as Ás de Espadas.

Wonderguide map

  1. Cabo da Roca
  2. Alfama
  3. Castelo de S. Jorge
  4. Belém
  5. Cascais
  6. Park and National Palace of Pena
  7. Padrão dos Descobrimentos
  8. Jerónimos Monastery
  9. Museu Coleção Berardo
  10. Estaminé art food drink
  11. Taberna Sal Grosso
  12. Valdo Gatti Pizza Bio
  13. Pastéis de Belém
  14. Tasco do vigário
  15. Gelados Santini
  16. Ginginha do Carmo
  17. Estrela da Bica
  18. À Parte
  19. Tapisco Lisboa
  20. Prado
  21. Sr. Lisboa
  22. Gin Lovers & Less
  23. Mercado de Santa Clara / Feira da Ladra
  24. LxFactory
  25. Paris EM Lisboa
  26. Fashion Clinic (Woman)
  27. Ás de Espadas vintage store and more

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