Things to Do in Akureyri

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Nína Þorkelsdóttir

Things to Do in Akureyri

Akureyri is the largest town in the north region of Iceland. Here's my favourite things to do and see in this charming town.

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To eat 🍦

There's plenty of nice cafes and restaurants in Akureyri. I've selected a few favourites:

Image - Rub23
Nína:A fantastic sushi place - a perfect start for a fancy night out.
Image - Kaffi Ilmur
Kaffi Ilmur
Nína:My favourite cafe in Akureyri. Great selection of breakfast/brunch/lunch dishes and a HUGE selection of traditional Icelandic baked goods - for instance meringue cakes and waffles.
Image - Brynja
Nína:One of the most iconic ice-cream parlors in Iceland.
Image - Cafe Berlin
Cafe Berlin
Nína:A cozy place for brunch or breakfast.
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Attractions 🏰

These are my favourite attractions in Akureyri:

Image - Akureyrarkirkja
Nína:The most iconic landmark of Akureyri. Try counting the steps when you ascend down the stairs!
Image - Botanical Garden Akureyri
Botanical Garden Akureyri
Nína:A gorgeous place to visit, especially in the summer.
Image - Sundlaug Akureyrar
Sundlaug Akureyrar
Nína:Don't be fool by the picture - this is really an extremely nice outdoor swimming pool with crazy fun slides.
Image - Hlíðarfjall
Nína:The best ski resort in Iceland.

Tours 🐬

Fancy going out of town for a day of adventure? Here are some excellent tours that depart from Akureyri:

Image - FAB 302 - Akureyri - Goðafoss - Lake Mývatn_39887
$ 131
Akureyri - Goðafoss - Lake Mývatn
Nína:A scenic sightseeing tour with an experienced guide.
Image - Northern Lights From Akureyri – Hunting In The North_17581
$ 206
Northern Lights From Akureyri – Hunting In The North
Nína:The vicinity of Akureyri offers plenty of opportunities to gaze at the Aurora Borealis. This tour operates during the winter and takes you to a place where light pollution is low.
Image - Fishing Day Tour From Akureyri_39393
$ 959
Fishing Day Tour From Akureyri
Nína:Highly recommended for fishing-enthusiasts.
Image - Day Tour From Akureyri To Kerlingarfjöll Highlands_17543
$ 552
Day Tour From Akureyri To Kerlingarfjöll Highlands
Nína:Kerlingarfjöll, a mountain range situated right in the center of the Icelandic Highlands, is one of the most spectacular places I've ever been to.

Wonderguide map

  1. Rub23
  2. Kaffi Ilmur
  3. Brynja
  4. Cafe Berlin
  5. Akureyrarkirkja
  6. Botanical Garden Akureyri
  7. Sundlaug Akureyrar
  8. Hlíðarfjall
  9. Akureyri - Goðafoss - Lake Mývatn
  10. Northern Lights From Akureyri – Hunting In The North
  11. Fishing Day Tour From Akureyri
  12. Day Tour From Akureyri To Kerlingarfjöll Highlands

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