The ULTIMATE guide to Marrakesh

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Yousra Ourzik

The ULTIMATE guide to Marrakesh

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Culture & visits

My selection of top places to visit

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Local street food

My selection of sheap & tasty Moroccan restaurants

Image - Chez ouazzani Marrakech
Chez ouazzani Marrakech
Yousra:Grilled meat, tagines, couscous, chicken. $
Image - Restaurant Chez Bejgueni
Restaurant Chez Bejgueni
Yousra:Moroccan street food. Open until late at night. Very famous for grilled meat. $
Image - Chez Lamine
Chez Lamine
Yousra:Le boucher du roi Hassan II. Vous trouverez chez lui des photos de The Queen Elisabeth II et de Gordon Ramsay qui se sont régalés avec sa cuisine.

Dinner shows

My personnal selection of the BEST places for date or party nights Fancy dresscode (*mandatory*)

Image - Epicurien
Yousra:This is the most popular bar in Marrakesh. A lot of locals go there for a drink or dinner. The bar is hidden in a room inside the Casino. AN ABSOLUTE MUST SEE ! Perfect place to dance. $$$
Image - Lotus Club
Lotus Club
Yousra:Fancy place with French Cancan show. Ideal for a date night. You need to make a reservation first. $$$
Image - Palais Jad Mahal
Palais Jad Mahal
Yousra:ICONIC place in the city. The show is mind blowing. This ia n absolute must see. $$$
Image - Palais Dar Soukkar
Palais Dar Soukkar
Yousra:Outdoor dinner with a spectacular show. $$
Image - La Cueva restaurant bar à tapas
La Cueva restaurant bar à tapas
Yousra:No need to look for tourists here , you won't find any. This is a locals' spot for afterwork and drinks. $

Hammam & Massage

Image - Kosy Spa Marrakech
Kosy Spa Marrakech
Yousra:Incredible experience for a very affordable price. We negociated a special deal for you. Hammam+massage+pool access formula (2h30) @500Dh (~45€) instead of 590dh. Call on behalf of "Yousra" to get this special discount. $$
Image - Marajah SPA
Marajah SPA
Yousra:Oriental spa. I personally recommend HAMMAM + MASSAGE formula. $$
Image - NAILA Beauty Center | Centre de beauté Marrakech
NAILA Beauty Center | Centre de beauté Marrakech
Yousra: Small beauty salon for locals, very affordable. Blow dry, manicures, facials. Book your slot first. $
Image - Les Bains de Marrakech Morocco
Les Bains de Marrakech Morocco
Yousra:Best spa of the city. Located in the old Medina. They develop their own Moroccan bath line and you can by their qualitative products (argan oil, vervain oil, orange blossom). You can expect the best treatment of all. $$$
Image - beauty lab
beauty lab

Moroccan Gastronomy

My selection of moroccan restaurants

Image - Al Fassia Aguedal
Al Fassia Aguedal
Yousra:Moroccan gastronomy. This place is a local institution managed by women only, cooking and waitering are also done exclusively by women. $$
Image - Restaurant dar nejjarine
Restaurant dar nejjarine
Image - مطعم الميدة
مطعم الميدة
Image - Dar Yacout
Dar Yacout
Image - Dar Moha
Dar Moha
Image - Zeitoun Café
Zeitoun Café
Yousra:Café restaurant with morroccan specialties. Here you can try camel tanjia. $

Wonderguide map

  1. Jardin Majorelle
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Museum
  3. Le Jardin Secret
  4. Jamaa el Fna Square
  5. Menara Gardens
  6. Koutoubia
  7. Bahia Palace
  8. El Badii Palace
  9. الشوا ديال زمان لمتوني chwa dial zmane
  10. Chez ouazzani Marrakech
  11. Restaurant Chez Bejgueni
  12. Chez Lamine
  13. Epicurien
  14. Lotus Club
  15. Palais Jad Mahal
  16. Palais Dar Soukkar
  17. La Cueva restaurant bar à tapas
  18. Kosy Spa Marrakech
  19. Les Bains de l'Alhambra Marrakech
  20. Marajah SPA
  21. NAILA Beauty Center | Centre de beauté Marrakech
  22. Les Bains de Marrakech Morocco
  23. beauty lab
  24. Al Fassia Aguedal
  25. Restaurant dar nejjarine
  26. مطعم الميدة
  27. Dar Yacout
  28. Dar Moha
  29. Zeitoun Café

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