The Hipster's Guide to Oxford

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Nína Þorkelsdóttir

A Hipster's Guide to Oxford

Oxford is a university town, bustling with energy. It is home to a lot of young people, which largely explains why the town has a hip vibe to it. This may come as a surprise, since Oxford is famous for its old buildings and age-long traditions.

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Bars, cafes and restaurants 🍹

Some of my favourites:

Image - Green Routes Cafe
Green Routes Cafe
Nína:Great coffee - plus a plant-based lunch and brunch menu. Their food is very delicious although it is certainly not the healthiest (think pancakes, hash browns and bagels).
Image - The Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen
The Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen
Nína:Bicycle-themed cafe in the city centre.
Image - The Jam Factory
The Jam Factory
Nína:A former factory turned into a restaurant. A very cool spot.
Image - Peloton Espresso
Peloton Espresso
Nína:Another bicycle-themed cafe! Oxford is a very bike-friendly city, so it is totally justified.
Image - Za'atar Bake
Za'atar Bake
Nína:Hands down the best Middle Eastern restaurant in Oxford. Quite affordable too. Note that alcohol isn't served at Za'atar Bake.
Image - Skogen Kitchen Oxford
Skogen Kitchen Oxford
Nína:A lovely Scandinavian cafe. Serves great open-faced sandwiches.
Image - Raoul's Bar and Liquor Store
Raoul's Bar and Liquor Store
Nína:Amazing cocktails 🍹
Image - FREVD
Nína:Probably one of the most unique venues in Oxford. An old building (church?) turned into a bar.
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Shopping 👛

Oxford is not as good as London when it comes to shopping, but it has a few nice boutiques worth visiting.

Image - Jericho Cheese Company
Jericho Cheese Company
Nína:Good selection of top quality cheeses.
Image - Unicorn
Nína:The weirdest and tiniest vintage shop in the world.
Image - Ballroom Emporium
Ballroom Emporium
Nína:A small vintage shop, but full of nice finds.
Image - Waterstones
Nína:Waterstones is one of the UK's famous bookstores. Its store in Oxford is fabulous, I tend to totally lose sense of time when I'm in there. Plus, there's a nice cafe on the top floor.
Image - Reign Vintage
Reign Vintage
Image - Branca Bar, Restaurant and Deli
Branca Bar, Restaurant and Deli
Nína:Nice Italian delicacies.
Image - MINOX Boutique
MINOX Boutique
Nína:Here you can find brands such as Kenzo, Maison Margiela, Balmain and Max Mara.

Do and see 👓

There's more to do in Oxford than just visiting the colleges!

Image - The Ultimate Picture Palace
The Ultimate Picture Palace
Nína:Small, independent movie theatre near Cowley Road.
Image - Gloucester Green Market
Gloucester Green Market
Nína:Amazing outdoor market with multi-cultural food stalls and vintage goods.

Wonderguide map

  1. Green Routes Cafe
  2. The Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen
  3. The Jam Factory
  4. Peloton Espresso
  5. Za'atar Bake
  6. Skogen Kitchen Oxford
  7. Raoul's Bar and Liquor Store
  8. FREVD
  9. Jericho Cheese Company
  10. Unicorn
  11. Ballroom Emporium
  12. Antiques On High L.T.D.
  13. Waterstones
  14. Reign Vintage
  15. Branca Bar, Restaurant and Deli
  16. MINOX Boutique
  17. The Ultimate Picture Palace
  18. Modern Art Oxford
  19. Gloucester Green Market
  20. Ashmolean Museum

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