The Heart­warming Silver Coast of Portugal

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Geert Franken

Costa de Prata Holiday Info

The Heartwarming Silver Coast of Portugal

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For an active holiday or a just a sportive day

Image - Irondeer - E-Bike Tours & Rental in Nazaré
Irondeer - E-Bike Tours & Rental in Nazaré
Geert:Nice guys good new material and great tours at the Silver Coast
Image - Professional Surf Coaching
Professional Surf Coaching
Geert:Day programs, week courses, surfboard renting and a great staff!
Image - Praia do Norte
Praia do Norte
Geert:Surfers paradise
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Worth Seeing

The must sees in our region

Image - Atelier do Doce
Atelier do Doce
Geert:We love this amazing pastelaria
Image - Buddha Eden
Buddha Eden
Geert:Unbelievable statues park wit hhundreds of buddha's and beautiful modern outdoor art

Endless beaches

The best beaches at the Silver Coast

Image - São Martinho do Porto
São Martinho do Porto
Geert:Beautifull beach especially suited for families with small children
Image - Praia do Norte
Praia do Norte
Geert:The beach with the highest surf waves in the world!
Image - Nazaré
Geert:Broad beach at this old fishers village
Image - Praia da Foz do Arelho
Praia da Foz do Arelho
Geert:Large beach at the Lagoa do Óbidos. Child friendly and a great area for kitesurfing!

Best Restaurants

The ones we like the most

Image - Restaurante Granada
Restaurante Granada
Geert:A beautiful view and great dishes
Image - Restaurante O Cabeço
Restaurante O Cabeço
Geert:We like the outside dinners here
Image - Taberna Marginal
Taberna Marginal
Geert:The place to eat exciting shared dishes and good wines!
Image - PANEÒLIO Pizza Bar
Geert:The most delicious pizza's and pasta dishes in the Caldas region

Our accommodations

Spacious holiday rentals and awesome tent lodges

Wonderguide map

  1. Irondeer - E-Bike Tours & Rental in Nazaré
  2. Professional Surf Coaching
  3. Praia do Norte
  4. Nazaré Water Fun
  5. Monastery of Saint Mary of Cós
  6. Alcobaça Monastery
  7. Atelier do Doce
  8. Buddha Eden
  9. Praia do Salgado
  10. São Martinho do Porto
  11. Praia do Norte
  12. Nazaré
  13. Praia da Foz do Arelho
  14. Restaurante Granada
  15. Restaurante O Cabeço
  16. Taberna Marginal
  17. PANEÒLIO Pizza Bar
  18. Casas Fruta holiday rentals
  19. Silver Coast Glamping Portugal

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