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Volcanic, Cycladic, Perfic

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Image - Firopotamos
Sarah:Wake up and you’re here.
Image - Sarakiniko Beach
Sarakiniko Beach
Sarah:Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds. If you have a drone camera, this is where to use it.
Image - Kimolos
Sarah:Short boat trip away. We can hire a RIB to see it.
Image - Nostos Club & Cocktail Bar
Nostos Club & Cocktail Bar
Sarah:Recommended by Costa
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Places to eat

For Cinzia

Image - Medusa
Sarah:Located in Mandrakia, this is the closest taverna to our accommodation. They serve octopus that has been hanging in the sun. It’s highly rated.
Image - Astakas Cafe Restaurant
Astakas Cafe Restaurant
Sarah:“The only restaurant in the fishing village of Klima, Astakas is completely outdoors and set right on the water. Specialising in seafood, this is Milos’ most romantic restaurant. As the sun sets guests watch the bay’s traditional fishermen's houses turn golden and then eat dinner by candlelight. Try the taramasalata, clams with orzo (rice-shaped pasta) and cuttlefish dyed black with ink. If you want to spend less or don’t eat seafood, visit in the morning for brunch – they open at 9am. While you’re here: you’re in the middle of Klima village’s strip of traditional fishermen’s houses, so you might as well go for a stroll. The doors are painted different colours so they can be easily recognised by their owners. Each has two storeys with the bottom serving as boat storage and a kitchen, and the top floor for sleeping. You can stay in them via Airbnb. The best spot however are the chairs on the sand, perfectly positioned to watch the day as it slowly passes by.” — Seasoned Traveller
Image - Belivanis
Sarah:“ What is it about O Belivanis, a small roadside gyros taverna in northern Milos, that’s so damn good? The location is nothing special; its neighbours are motorbike rental garages and convenience-style supermarkets. There’s nothing to write home about when it comes to decor, and in the evenings you might have to wait for a table. Perhaps it’s the €2.50 gyros you can glimpse from outside the kitchen, the best on the island wrapped up with just the right amount of thinly sliced red onion and fries. Come in the afternoon and kids order them as an after-school snack. It could be the owner, whose deeply furrowed face you’ll recognise beneath his own portrait. No doubt it’s good value, with skewers at €1.70, portions (massive piles of meat on chips with salad and pita that can feed two) for €9 and a litre of house retsina wine (made with pine) for €3.50. It’s simple, really: O Belivanis serves good food. If your accommodation has a view, order your food and a plastic, two-litre bottle of wine to go.” — Seasoned Traveller
Image - O! Hamos! Tavern
O! Hamos! Tavern
Sarah:“This is Milos’ most famous restaurant with good reason. Across the road from the beach in a leafy garden setting, it’s been a family-run fixture since 1993, moving from the centre of Adamantas to its current spot down the road in 2002. The recipes originated with the owner’s grandparents and visitors pen notes of admiration directly on the chairs. Consult the hand-written menu and look out for green bean fasolakia, pitarakia tis Giagias (Grandma's cheese pies with onion), halakokeftedes fried mizirthra cheese balls spiked with fresh mint and must-order gourounopoulo petimezato (sweet, slow-baked pulled piglet marinated in molasses, mustard and thyme).”
Sarah:Charalampaki Tyrokomeio - Milos Cheese Shop Malek cheese - al cheese made from goat milk. Made from animals bred in the wild nature of the island and not in stables. Manoura- fresh cheese. “Green” Melichloro - semi hard, mellow “Dry apple” - matured in caves. Dark on outside. Myzithra - made from milk leftover from making manoura. Eaten fresh like ricotta. Try manoura fro saganaki.
Image - Bakalikon Galanis
Bakalikon Galanis
Sarah:Grocery store and tavern. Cheeses, cold cuts, snails (!) seafood mezza.
Image - Aggeliki ice cream shop
Aggeliki ice cream shop
Sarah:They make their own ice cream
Image - Armenaki
Sarah:Seafood. Recommended by Costa.

Getting around

Car and boat hire options

Image - Milos Cars
Milos Cars
Sarah:Suzuki Jimny’s and 4x4s are best.

Wonderguide map

  1. Firopotamos
  2. Sarakiniko Beach
  3. Kimolos
  4. Nostos Club & Cocktail Bar
  5. Medusa
  6. Astakas Cafe Restaurant
  7. Belivanis
  8. O! Hamos! Tavern
  10. Bakalikon Galanis
  11. Aggeliki ice cream shop
  12. Armenaki
  13. Milos Cars

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