The City Of Angel's

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Anjali Pooni

The City Of Angel's

Come experience the pacific coast in a big way, From; the Santee alley to lavish shopping sprees in Beverley hills, taco trucks to dinner by the sea, college sports to pro.sports, art, fashion, theater, theme park, museums, killer night life, around every palm tree is a new adventure!

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Image - Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Image - Venice Beach
Venice Beach
Image - Chinatown
Image - 826LA & The Echo Park Time Travel Mart
826LA & The Echo Park Time Travel Mart
Anjali:This time travel mart sells the type of goods you would need for a trip through the fourth dimension. I mean I have no clue what I would need to go to another dimension so this would be perfect.
Image - Galco's Old World Grocery
Galco's Old World Grocery
Anjali:When I found out this store had 500 different flavors of soda …I DIED INSIDE not literally. BUT OH MY GOD I WANT TO GO SO BAD.
Image - The Santee Alley
The Santee Alley
Anjali:This flea market has multiple vendors selling clothing, accessories, food and street fare. To help not spending so much this is a great place to check out.
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For when you get hungry

🍜T0p 5 Ramen Spots

Ramen L0vers

🎢Amusement parks



For those who are interested in art

🎬American Horror Story👹

🎞For AHS l0vers, here are the places they've shot in

Image - Rosenheim Mansion
Rosenheim Mansion
Anjali:S1 of AHS: It's exterior was used to depict a murder house in season one of American Horror Story
Image - James Oviatt Building
James Oviatt Building
Anjali:S5 of AHS: It's exterior was used to depict a creepy hotel owned by a vampire THAT played by Lady Gaga. Season 5 was a bit wild, all the numerous of murders and disturbing scenes at night ...yeeeah. This is a must visit to all the AHS lovers.
Image - The Orpheum Theatre
The Orpheum Theatre
Anjali:S6 of Ahs: The main season on season six , Cuba Gooding Jr's character was punched and knocked unconscious outside the theatre.

Wonderguide map

  1. Hollywood Walk of Fame
  2. OUE Skyspace LA
  3. THE BASEMENT: A Live Escape Room Experience
  4. Venice Beach
  5. Chinatown
  6. Santa Monica Pier
  7. The Queen Mary
  8. Wheel Fun Rentals
  9. 826LA & The Echo Park Time Travel Mart
  10. Galco's Old World Grocery
  11. The Santee Alley
  12. Two Hands Corn Dogs
  13. Lucy Ethiopian restaurant
  15. Paraiso Juice Bar
  16. Angry Chickz
  17. Tacos de cabeza Los Angeles
  18. Evil Cooks
  19. Eight Korean BBQ
  20. Crimson Coward
  21. Hangari Kalguksu
  22. iki ramen
  23. Ramen Tatsunoya
  24. Master HA Korean Restaurant
  25. Pho 87
  26. Six Flags Magic Mountain
  27. Raging Waters Los Angeles
  28. Universal Studios Hollywood
  29. Disneyland Park
  30. Knott's Berry Farm
  31. The Broad
  32. Museum of Dream Space Beverly Hills
  33. Rosenheim Mansion
  34. James Oviatt Building
  35. The Orpheum Theatre

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