The Berlin we fell in love with!

Wonderguide by

Adriano & Camilla Sganzini

The Berlin we fell in love with!

Here you can find tips and trick to go around Berlin and discover the city we love and why.

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Markets and Shops

Markets are the favourite sunday activities. But you can find one any day of the week

Image - Mauerpark
Image - Boxhagener Platz
Boxhagener Platz
Adriano & Camilla:Market on Saturday and Sunday. Great vide and full of cafe and restaurant around
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The History

Fancy discovering the historical side of Berlin. Here is some of the key locations

Art & Culture

Museum and Galleries worth discovering and get lost in

Image - Boros Foundation
Boros Foundation
Adriano & Camilla:Amazing private art collection set in a old bunker. You need to book your tours online in advance

Drinks and Night's Out

Time to put your dancing shoes and go discover the b-side of Berlin

Image - Holzmarkt 25
Holzmarkt 25
Adriano & Camilla:Amazing garden and bar for a late afternoon sunset directly on the river. Tip: once you enter go buy the drinks in the kiosk on the left. The wine is good and there is no queue
Image - Sisyphos Nightclub
Sisyphos Nightclub
Adriano & Camilla:Party place open on friday close on Monday. Long queues depending on the time you arive
Image - HOME Bar
Adriano & Camilla:GReat cosy pub with raft beers on the tab. Monday and Wednesday are quiz night
Image - Sohnemann Bar
Sohnemann Bar
Image - Sicula Bar
Sicula Bar

Cafe's & Restaurant

Coffe shops and places where to enjoy brunch, breakfast, lunch and co.

Image - Banh Mi Stable
Banh Mi Stable
Adriano & Camilla:GReat Bahn-mi restaurant. Perfect for hangovers or snacks.
Image - Umami F-Hain
Umami F-Hain
Image - Transit
Image - Burgeramt
Image - Ali Baba
Ali Baba

My Recommendations

Wonderguide map

  1. Mauerpark
  2. Boxhagener Platz
  3. Brandenburg Gate
  4. Checkpoint Charlie
  5. Boros Foundation
  6. Holzmarkt 25
  7. Sisyphos Nightclub
  8. HOME Bar
  9. Protokoll Taproom
  10. Sohnemann Bar
  11. Süss War Gestern
  12. Sicula Bar
  13. Banh Mi Stable
  14. Umami F-Hain
  15. papaya thai cuisine am boxhagener
  16. Michelberger Restaurant
  17. Tortilleria Mexa Berlin
  18. Transit
  19. Burgeramt
  20. Neumanns um die Ecke
  21. Ali Baba
  22. Shakespeare and Sons
  23. Cargo Gastronomia

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