Tasikmalaya- Must Visited Places

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Reza Firdaus

Tasikmalaya- Must Visited Places

Here are all the recommendations of places that you have to visit while you are in Tasikmalaya. It consists of nature, history and food.

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My Recommendations

Image - Kampung Naga
Kampung Naga
Reza:If you are curious about how the people live a simple life without any internet, electricity and phone then you have to come here! Not only you will amazed in how do they live their life yet also seeing the houses that was made for such a long time ago and still exist until today and learn more about Sundanese culture.
Image - Galunggung
Reza:For those of you who are adventurous and love walking so much. This place will be your favorite, you can climb to the top by the stairs to see Tasikmalaya from above which is astonishing. Then, you can enjoy natural water springs in the middle of the jungle will do help you to recover after a long journey.
Image - T.O. Benhil 2.96
T.O. Benhil 2.96
Reza:It is a must! you cant miss this place and not trying the T.O which is made from fermented soy bean and mixed it with the rice is a perfect combination. The sambals are truly delightful and add some fried tempe will be more than enough to enjoy the cuisine. You better come here early in the morning otherwise you will be waiting for a long queue or maybe its already sold out before 10 am in the morning.
Image - Mie Bakso Firman Simpang Lima
Mie Bakso Firman Simpang Lima
Reza:Bakso is a signature of Tasikmalaya. This place has been running from more than 10 years. The meetballs is just tasteful and the soup is appetizing, can warm you up in the cold night.
Image - Baso Gejrot
Baso Gejrot
Reza:Enjoy a new eating meet ball experience. It is cum inside of your mouth once you bite it. Curious? Try it yourself!
Image - Mie Baso Toto As
Mie Baso Toto As
Reza:Another Bakso recommendation. If you want to try fried meet ball then come here!
Image - Situ Gede Attractions
Situ Gede Attractions
Reza:Enjoy a beautiful scenery around the lake. You can rent the boat and exploring the lake with traditional bamboo boat or the speed boat. Also, there is 4KM jogging track surrounds the area which a perfect way for you to explore and be more active. Not only that, once you get enough exploring the area you can sit, relax and having a meal beside the lake there are plenty restaurant nearby.
Image - Citapen Macaroni
Citapen Macaroni
Reza:If you like snacking so much, you better try this macaroni. You can add different level of spiciness and there are also available for the fried solid macaroni or the boil ones.
Image - Mall Plaza Asia Tasikmalaya
Mall Plaza Asia Tasikmalaya
Reza:It is just a mall with a lot of different entertainments and food stall inside. Just in case you get enough with anything and want to just casually hangout with a friends then you can just come here.
Image - Kemping Tepi Danau
Kemping Tepi Danau
Reza:An interesting concept of restaurant that available in downtown. Accessible, has a good ambience and plenty options of food.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Kampung Naga
  2. Galunggung
  3. T.O. Benhil 2.96
  4. Mie Bakso Firman Simpang Lima
  5. Baso Gejrot
  6. Mie Baso Toto As
  7. Situ Gede Attractions
  8. Citapen Macaroni
  9. Mall Plaza Asia Tasikmalaya
  10. Kemping Tepi Danau

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