Tampere, Finland

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Tiina Johanna

What to do in Tampere, Finland

Tampere is filled with amazing history, beautiful nature and has a great cultural feeling. Lakes, wooden houses, industrial factory buildings, great restaurant culture, fun traditions. There is always something to do in Tampere!

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My Recommendations

Here are my fresh and local tips for the city of Tampere. You will find everything you need for sightseeing, food, drinks, nature, culture, saunas, and some extras!

Image - Tampere Market Hall
Tampere Market Hall
Tiina:Tampere Market Hall is an amazing place for fresh food, ingredients and all type of foodies. Nice bakeries, cafes, shops and small restaurants for a perfect lunch spot!
Image - Keskustori Square
Keskustori Square
Tiina:The beautiful Tampere Central Square, Keskustori. Nice for waiting a bus, having a drink at one of the bars and terraces around, or just chilling and enjoying the day.
Image - Public Corner Tampere Central Square
Public Corner Tampere Central Square
Tiina:An easy-going bar at the Keskustori Square. Not the cheapest, but not too expensive! The vibe is chill and usually low key.
Image - Fountain at the Central Square
Fountain at the Central Square
Tiina:A small fountain in the middle of Keskustori! Check it out!
Image - Finnkino Plevna
Finnkino Plevna
Tiina:The main Movie Theatre of Tampere. If you have time, go and see a movie here! You can also enjoy a nice dinner next door at Plevna Restaurant. It is really good!
Image - Brewery Restaurant Plevna
Brewery Restaurant Plevna
Tiina:One of the best restaurants in Tampere. The food is great and German style. The beers are great because it is a Brewery Restaurant! Remember to book a table, at least on the weekends.
Image - Koskipuisto Park
Koskipuisto Park
Tiina:A great City Park to enjoy the sunshine and maybe have a picnic, read a book, work on your tanning or gather up with friends. Popular place for the locals to hang out. There are many restaurants ans shops close by, because it is in the centre!
Image - Koskikeskus
Tiina:A nice and easy-to-navigate shopping centre. Right in the middle of the centre of the city and next to the even bigger shopping centre called Ratina. This is the OG Mall though! Great shops and cafes. The restaurants are not that amazing, just ok.
Image - Kauppakeskus Ratina
Kauppakeskus Ratina
Tiina:The big and new shopping centre. Great shops, cafes and it's clean and modern.
Image - Tampere Stadium
Tampere Stadium
Tiina:The great stadium of Tampere. Here happens all the big concerts and events, or at least here and around this area! Also of course the place for all the sports games. ;) You'll find this just behind the shopping centres.
Image - Ratina
Tiina:The Ratina area includes the main Bus Station, the Shopping centres and the Stadium area, and behind them you can find nice terrace boats to have a drink at! You can also just hang out here for no reason.
Image - Laukontori Marina
Laukontori Marina
Tiina:This is one of the best areas in Tampere in the summer. Just next to Ratina area, here are all the boats that have terraces where you can have a drink and there is also an outdoor Market here, with Cafes and Smoothie places too. Go and enjoy!
Image - Café & Salad Bar Sanna's
Café & Salad Bar Sanna's
Tiina:This is one of the best places to have a great lunch! Amazing Salads, and amazing bread dishes too. Whatever you eat, it will be good! Also, the location is perfect!
Image - Sokos Tampere
Sokos Tampere
Tiina:This is a department store with clothes, accessories, interior design, food store.. Good for everyday products too and ok/cheap prizes. The Salad bar at Sokos Herkku cafe is really good!
Image - Hotel Torni Tampere
Hotel Torni Tampere
Tiina:The tallest building in Tampere with a modern look and a gook restaurants inside. There is an amazing rooftop bar called Moro Sky Bar, try it out! It is NOT cheap, but the views are great. By the way, "Moro" means "Hello" in Tampere language!
Image - Pyynikin Munkkikahvila
Pyynikin Munkkikahvila
Tiina:You have to try the freshly-baked Munkki! It is AMAZING! Have a coffee or something and then try the Munkki. You can try it here in this centre cafe, or/and at the original Pyynikin Näkötorni Cafe, but that will not be in the centre. Nothing compares to the MUNKKI (Sugar donut).
Image - Pyynikki Observation Tower
Pyynikki Observation Tower
Tiina:A historic and old observation tower in the beautiful nature sceneries of Pyynikki. This is a must-see thing. The cafe downstairs is the original home for the famous Munkki.
Image - Pyynikki Observation Tower Café
Pyynikki Observation Tower Café
Tiina:You have to try the freshly-baked Munkki! It is AMAZING! Have a coffee or something and then try the Munkki. Nothing compares to the MUNKKI (Sugar donut). This is the original home for Munkki and the best place to try it. There is also an other cafe in the centre of Keskustori, where you can try it. The locals usually put on their sporty clothes and have a walk or a hike around the woods and then move their way up to the tower (it is on a hill). There is also a bus that comes close to this place.
Image - Jack the Rooster
Jack the Rooster
Tiina:This is one of the best bars in Tampere. Not only for the rock people, it is great for everybody! The food is great, the prizes are ok and the the terrace is very popular in the summertime. Totally recommend.
Image - Stable Yards, Tampere
Stable Yards, Tampere
Tiina:A nice place with small unique shops and cafes around. Quite historic!
Image - Tallipihan Suklaapuoti
Tallipihan Suklaapuoti
Tiina:You have to buy some chocolate here!
Image - Museum of Workers' Housing
Museum of Workers' Housing
Tiina:This is a nice place for history friends and explorers. This is the old Museum of Worker's Housing, a nice place with cute wooden buildings.
Image - Cafe Amurin Helmi
Cafe Amurin Helmi
Tiina:One of the greatest cafes in Tampere. This is a lovely place with long traditions. The coffee is good and the snacks and the bakery products are delicious!
Image - Finlayson Factory Area
Finlayson Factory Area
Tiina:This is a wonderful, historic Factory Area in Tampere centre. Nowadays you can find cafes, shops and a Museum here. Really nice place to spend some time.
Image - Näsi Castle
Näsi Castle
Tiina:A beautiful building on top of the hill in the park Näsinpuisto. In finnish it's called Näsilinna, or the other name is the Castle Milavida.
Image - Tampere Cathedral
Tampere Cathedral
Tiina:The most beautiful church in Tampere, it is in the centre and it is very popular for masses, weddings etc. It does not matter if you are not religious, you can still check it out! It's free.
Image - Travelade Image
Tiina:A place with many little shops and boutiques, nice to walk around. Easy to walk through while sightseeing the Keskustori-Ratina-Laukontori areas!
Image - Moomin Museum
Moomin Museum
Tiina:The real and only Moomin Museum! Good for all ages.
Image - Rajaportti sauna
Rajaportti sauna
Tiina:Tampere is famous for beeing the "Sauna Capital" of Finland. Rajaportin Sauna is the oldest and greatest public Sauna there is! This is the real deal. It is located in the historic and most beautiful area Pispala, between two lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi (views to Pyhäjärvi) and it is surrounded with old wooden houses. The area of Pispala is very trendy in a hippi way! Close by is a great traditional restaurant called Pispalan Pulteri, if you fancy some food before or after. Prepare yourself, here at Rajaportti people can be naked and you can drink your own beers!
Image - Pispalan Pulteri
Pispalan Pulteri
Tiina:A famous traditional restaurant in the best area of Tampere. You will not leave this place hungry! The drinks and food is really good, and the views towards Näsijärvi are amazing.
Image - Travelade Image
Pispalan Portaat
Tiina:These are the famous steps for working out! Located in the middle of the beautiful Pispala/Tahmela areas and with great lakeviews. If you want a good stair workout, go here!
Image - Travelade Image
Tiina:The highest point of Tampere. great views all around!
Image - Tuoppi
Tiina:This is the oldest Pub in Tampere! A really nice local Pub. So definetely worth the visit. Great variety of beers and ciders and other drinks too.
Image - Ravintola Heinätori
Ravintola Heinätori
Tiina:A lovely a la carte restaurant in the middle of Pyynikintori (Pyynikki Square). The prizes are a bit high but still ok, because the food is really good and made with love from fresh and local ingredients. A nice older couple owns the place.
Image - Tampere Main Library Metso
Tampere Main Library Metso
Tiina:The main library of Tampere, that has a small cafe upstairs too.
Image - Travelade Image
Tiina:A nice park at the end of the main street in the centre of the city. Next to the main library Metso!
Image - Tahmela
Tiina:A wonderful lakeside neighbourhood with beautiful houses, nature and a small nice beach. Walk up the hill and you will be in Pispala!
Image - Tahmela Beach
Tahmela Beach
Tiina:A lovely small beach for swimming and enjoying the sunny days. Good routes for walking/jogging as well.
Image - Pispala
Tiina:The most amazing views in Tampere! This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods with wooden buildings and great lakeviews towards both Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Walk down the hill towards Pyhäjärvi and you will be in Tahmela, where you can go swimming too.
Image - Särkänniemi
Tiina:The best amusement park in Finland! Great rides for all ages and a good variety of everything.
Image - Näsinneula Observation Tower
Näsinneula Observation Tower
Tiina:The tallest observation tower in Tampere. This is the place to be for great pictures of the city. It is located inside the Särkänniemi amusement park area, but you don't have to pay the park fee for this. There is also a fine dining restaurant in the tower, it is not cheap but it is good.
Image - Saunaravintola Kuuma
Saunaravintola Kuuma
Tiina:A Sauna Restaurant in the middle of the city, what could be better?! Go for a drink, for food or for the sauna. Or all of them!
Image - Rauhaniemi public baths
Rauhaniemi public baths
Tiina:Here is a great place for enjoying a hot sunny day. You can swim or/and enjoy at the public sauna!
Image - Nekala
Tiina:Nekala is another older area like Pispala here in Tampere. There are also wooden houses and nice nature, but not so amazingly as in Pispala. Kind of a hippie area too.
Image - Ravintola Wanha Tappi
Ravintola Wanha Tappi
Tiina:The best burgers in town! Definetely worth visiting the Nekala neighbourhood for these burgers. The bus number 10 comes right in front of the restaurant. You can eat and drink here, whatever you want. But try the BURGERS! Good for gluten frees and vegans too.
Image - Viinikan puisto
Viinikan puisto
Tiina:A nice park in the middle of Nekala/Viinikka neighbourhood.
Image - Iidesjärvi
Tiina:A great lakeview. The lake is located next to Nekala/Viinikka and Iidesjärvi neighbourhoods. It is very popular to go walking or running around the lake, it will take you about an hour (6-7km).
Image - Konditoria Mari
Konditoria Mari
Tiina:An old and definetely historic cafe in the Nekala area. Great snacks and good coffee! It has been here since forever and it is here to stay! :)
Image - Flea market Silinteri
Flea market Silinteri
Tiina:The best Flea Market for interior design, antiques, houseware, furnitures.. Also good clothes. Cheap prizes and easy access with bus or with a car. Located inside the big supermarket Prisma Koivistonkylä.
Image - Ravintola Telakka
Ravintola Telakka
Tiina:A great artistic style terrace and restaurant. Food is great and the terrace is really cozy for hanging out.
Image - Bar Passion
Bar Passion
Tiina:This bar has the one of the biggest and best sunny terraces in the city. Prepare yourself, it might be packed!
Image - Ravintola Klubi
Ravintola Klubi
Tiina:A great bar and concert place.
Image - Tullikamari
Tiina:The hotspot for concerts in Tampere.
Image - Paapan Kapakka
Paapan Kapakka
Tiina:A great sunny terrace on the outside, just in the middle of the city in Koskipuisto area. It is usually quite full, but the location is the key. Good jazz type live music happening here often as well!
Image - Vastavirta-Klubi Bar
Vastavirta-Klubi Bar
Tiina:This is for the underground, punk and punkrock lovers. Worth visiting, just don't get scared of the real punk people as they might look rough, but they are sweet on the inside. ;) Usually at least, haha. This is in the Pispala area, which is the most beautiful part of Tampere.
Image - Ravintola Teerenpeli
Ravintola Teerenpeli
Tiina:Good pub for it's own craft beer and cider. They also do a lot of stand-up nights.
Image - Olympia-kortteli
Tiina:A place for many concerts and smaller shows happening. Also restaurants.
Image - Tampere Theater
Tampere Theater
Tiina:The main theater of Tampere, right in Keskustori Square.
Image - Tampere Workers' Theatre - TTT
Tampere Workers' Theatre - TTT
Tiina:Another theatre in Tampere with great shows happening.
Image - Tampere Comedy Theater
Tampere Comedy Theater
Tiina:This place has amazing comedy shows every summer, it is the main comedy theatre.
Image - Sitko Pizza&Bar
Sitko Pizza&Bar
Tiina:An amazing place for good artesan pizza and great drinks to go with it.
Image - Pikkubistro Kattila
Pikkubistro Kattila
Tiina:A lovely bistro in the centre. The food is really good and the wines are so tasty. The waiters/waitresses give good recommendations too.
Image - Tampere Orthodox Church
Tampere Orthodox Church
Tiina:The beautiful Orthodox Church of Tampere. Propably the most amazing looking church in the city!
Image - Powau Tampere
Powau Tampere
Tiina:The most delicious fresh foods and snacks. Great for vegans and suitable for all kinds of diet preferences. Something for everybody! Located on the ground floor of the Stockmann department store.
Image - Bistro Naapuri
Bistro Naapuri
Tiina:Perfect for coffee, smaller snacks or lunch. The foods are amazing and the drinks too. Fresh and delicious, suits all people and every diet preference. Perfect location as well.
Image - Tampereen Vohvelikahvila
Tampereen Vohvelikahvila
Tiina:Waffles for every taste!
Image - Kuparitalon Vohvelikahvila
Kuparitalon Vohvelikahvila
Tiina:Waffles for every taste!
Image - Waffle Cafe Kupari
Waffle Cafe Kupari
Tiina:Waffles for every taste!
Image - Café Europa
Café Europa
Tiina:A great coffee and drink house! They also serve great snacks and sandwiches to go with your preferred drink. Sometimes there might be a small live show as well. The vibe is really nice.
Image - Summer Café Arboretum
Summer Café Arboretum
Tiina:This is a lovely and cute summer cafe in the Arboretum nature park, in Hatanpää neighbourhood. Great park views and lake views and a cozy atmosphere.
Image - Hatanpää Park Arboretum
Hatanpää Park Arboretum
Tiina:A nice garden and city park with the big lake Pyhäjärvi right next to it. Great for enjoying the nature and the lake and also good for just walking around.
Image - Tampereen Vesijettivuokraus
Tampereen Vesijettivuokraus
Tiina:This is the best company for renting jet skis. They also rent SUP boards and do fly-boarding! Right between Hatanpää region and the city centre.
Image - Siuro
Tiina:A bit far away from Tampere centre, but great if you have a car. This is an idyllic small town with a lot of history and beautiful nature. There is also a fantastic restaurant cafe called Koski-Baari here!
Image - Siuron Koski-Baari Oy
Siuron Koski-Baari Oy
Tiina:A lovely restaurant cafe with beautiful sceneries and a peaceful atmosphere. The pizzas here are amazing! Great for vegans too!
Image - Pyynikin Brewhouse
Pyynikin Brewhouse
Tiina:Good restaurant with Tampere/Finnish style foods and local brewery beers and ciders. Great vibe in the middle of the centre!
Image - Bar Inez
Bar Inez
Tiina:Lovely Wine & Tapas Bar with a spanish vibe and in a central location next to Koskipuisto City Park.
Image - Snowmobile Safari In Lapland_109905
$ 170
Snowmobile Safari In Lapland
Tiina:Lapland is the most famous and most beautiful part of Finland. It is the North! Here you will see a lot of untouched snow and beautiful nature, the northern lights, reindeers in their own habitat and did you know, that Santa Claus lives here?! Enjoy a great vacation in Lapland and of course you have to go drive a Snowmobile!!
Image - Full Day Skiing Adventure In Levi_111359
$ 276
Full Day Skiing Adventure In Levi
Tiina:Levi is one of Finland's best places to go skiing. The nature and the views are amazing and you can experience the great northern snowy part of Finland. Skiing could not be better anywhere else!
Image - Taste Of Helsinki And Suomenlinna - Private Tour_111903
$ 457
Taste Of Helsinki And Suomenlinna - Private Tour
Tiina:Helsinki is the fantastic and vibrant capital city of Finland and there is so much to experience there. With amazing guides you will experience even more in a shorter time. Suomenlinna, or in english The Finnish Castle, is a historic monument and beautiful Island in Helsinki. It is definetely worth visiting!
Image - Laivaravintola Suvi
Laivaravintola Suvi
Tiina:A great Terrace Boat in the lovely Laukontori. Great to spend a sunny day with a cool drink and to enjoy the views.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Tampere Market Hall
  2. Keskustori Square
  3. Public Corner Tampere Central Square
  4. Fountain at the Central Square
  5. Finnkino Plevna
  6. Brewery Restaurant Plevna
  7. Koskipuisto Park
  8. Koskikeskus
  9. Kauppakeskus Ratina
  10. Tampere Stadium
  11. Ratina
  12. Laukontori Marina
  13. Café & Salad Bar Sanna's
  14. Sokos Tampere
  15. Hotel Torni Tampere
  16. Pyynikin Munkkikahvila
  17. Pyynikki Observation Tower
  18. Pyynikki Observation Tower Café
  19. Jack the Rooster
  20. Stable Yards, Tampere
  21. Tallipihan Suklaapuoti
  22. Museum of Workers' Housing
  23. Cafe Amurin Helmi
  24. Finlayson Factory Area
  25. Finlaysonin Kirkko
  26. Näsi Castle
  27. Tampere Cathedral
  28. Kehräsaari
  29. Moomin Museum
  30. Rajaportti sauna
  31. Pispalan Pulteri
  32. Pispalan Portaat
  33. Pispalanharju
  34. Tuoppi
  35. Ravintola Heinätori
  36. Tampere Main Library Metso
  37. Hämeenpuisto
  38. Tahmela
  39. Tahmela Beach
  40. Pispala
  41. Särkänniemi
  42. Näsinneula Observation Tower
  43. Saunaravintola Kuuma
  44. Rauhaniemi public baths
  45. Nekala
  46. Ravintola Wanha Tappi
  47. Viinikan puisto
  48. Iidesjärvi
  49. Konditoria Mari
  50. Flea market Silinteri
  51. Ravintola Telakka
  52. Bar Passion
  53. Ravintola Klubi
  54. Tullikamari
  55. Paapan Kapakka
  56. Vastavirta-Klubi Bar
  57. Ravintola Teerenpeli
  58. Olympia-kortteli
  59. Tampere Theater
  60. Tampere Workers' Theatre - TTT
  61. Tampere Comedy Theater
  62. Sitko Pizza&Bar
  63. Pikkubistro Kattila
  64. Tampere Orthodox Church
  65. Powau Tampere
  66. Bistro Naapuri
  67. Tampereen Vohvelikahvila
  68. Kuparitalon Vohvelikahvila
  69. Waffle Cafe Kupari
  70. Café Europa
  71. Summer Café Arboretum
  72. Hatanpää Park Arboretum
  73. Tampereen Vesijettivuokraus
  74. Siuro
  75. Siuron Koski-Baari Oy
  76. Pyynikin Brewhouse
  77. Bar Inez
  78. Snowmobile Safari In Lapland
  79. Full Day Skiing Adventure In Levi
  80. Taste Of Helsinki And Suomenlinna - Private Tour
  81. Laivaravintola Suvi
  82. Lakeside Midnight Sun & Sauna Experience
  83. Redrib Off-Shore Experience
  84. Ice Climbing Day In Korouoma Canyon – From Rovaniemi
  85. Redrib Nature Reserve Experience
  86. Murder Walk Private
  87. Gold And Culture Day In Lapland, Finland
  88. Best Of Rovaniemi - Guided City Tour By Car
  89. The Arctic E-Fatbike Challenge To The Top Of Finland
  90. Kalevala Ski Tour

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