Sydney - Best Snorkelling Spots

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Hannah Gibson

Sydney - Best Snorkelling Spots

With over 500 species roaming the harbour, Sydney is a top snorkelling destination, but you have to know the right spots! I’ve done all the hard work for you and swallowed my fair share of saltwater so that you can #seastheday and snorkel with porpoise!

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Image - Fairlight Beach
Fairlight Beach
Hannah:You will always find different sea creatures, rock formations and tides on each visit. This is where you will find port jackson sharks, leather jackets, blue and golden gropers, schools of bright yellow fish, stingrays and plenty of seaweed!
Image - Fairy Bower Beach
Fairy Bower Beach
Hannah:Located right next to the Insta-popular Fairy Bower rock pool, this is the home of wobbegongs, blue gropers and schools of sparkly silver fish, along with top sunbathing spots!
Image - Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve
Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve
Hannah:Snorkel from Fairy Bower beach to Shelly beach and you will be swimming in and amongst Cabbage Tree bay's natural Aquatic Reserve! Think Port jackson sharks, wobbegongs, stingrays, gropers and plenty of swaying seaweed!
Image - Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach
Hannah:Here is where you'll greet the King of Shelly beach - the giant blue groper that roams the natural aquarium; along with golden gropers, tiny purple eels, flashing rainbow cuttlefish and estuarine catfish!
Image - Gordons Bay
Gordons Bay
Hannah:Located near Clovelly bay, you can hit 2 top snorkel spots in one day. Sheltered by the wind, Gordons bay is perfect for sunbaking, picnics and finding estuarine catfish, squid, jellyfish, starfish and sea anemones!
Image - Clovelly Beach
Clovelly Beach
Hannah:Great for beginners as it is protected by a man-made bay surrounded by concrete platforms on both sides for sunbathing and relaxing. Keep an eye out for ‘Bluey’, the most renowned 1.2m long groper who makes mysterious appearances now and then…
Image - Little Bay Beach
Little Bay Beach
Hannah:Little bay, known for its schools of little fish! Here, you will find all sorts of pink coral, spiky sea urchins, sea anemones, tiny yellow fish, red Indian fish, weedy sea dragons and massive schools of sparkly fish.
Image - Bare Island
Bare Island
Hannah:Featured in Mission Impossible II and located in Sydney’s beautiful La Perouse, the historic Bare Island fort is a heritage-listed islet. Accessed by a 130 year old wooden bridge that connects Bare Island to the mainland, this is a Diver's heaven. Expect to find find Red Indian fish and Port Jackson sharks!
Image - Silver Beach
Silver Beach
Hannah:Silver beach, Kurnell is where we saw a bright orange octopus, a moray eel (scary, I know) and plenty of cute puffer fish that followed us around on our snorkel adventure. Explore the sea bed between the beach and the bridge, here we found a massive sea slug!
Image - Malabar Beach
Malabar Beach
Hannah:If you’re feeling adventurous and up for a deep dive discovery challenge, head to the nearby Malabar beach at Long bay and search for the MV Malabar sunken shipwreck!
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  1. Fairlight Beach
  2. Fairy Bower Beach
  3. Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve
  4. Shelly Beach
  5. Gordons Bay
  6. Clovelly Beach
  7. Little Bay Beach
  8. Bare Island
  9. Silver Beach
  10. Malabar Beach

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