Staying a night in Baduy Tribe gives us a good perspektive in life

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Yudi Rahmatullah

Staying a night in Baduy Tribe gives us a good perspektive in life

Baduy Tribes live in Kanekes, Lebak Region, Banten Province. By entering or staying in the inner Baduy Village, you should not use cameras, litter, and use chemical equipment because they can pollute villages that are extraordinarily clean and natural.

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Image - Stasiun Rangkasbitung
Stasiun Rangkasbitung
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  1. Museum Multatuli
  2. Stasiun Rangkasbitung
  4. Sawarna Beach
  5. Kebun Teh Organik Harendong
  6. Pantai Bagedur
  7. Rumah Makan Cijati
  8. Tanjung Layar Beach
  9. Legon Pari Beach
  10. Karang Bokor Sawarna

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