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Hi, here you can find information about “what to do on tenerife, Spain “ my instagram @margarita.titarenko

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Image - Jungle Park
Jungle Park
Margarita:It’s very interesting place to visit in tenerife, if you have family👫, children 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 or you only like photos🤳 and animals , you need to visit this place!!! I went there and I liked ❤️ it, there you can touch👉, give food🤲 and see👀 shows of different types of animals🐼🦁🐵🦅🐍🦍🦜. There you can find food🍎 in some cafes . And the best thing that it’s very expensive 😱😁😁
Image - Teide National Park
Teide National Park
Margarita:If you are a tourist who like sport and nature ,you should wispy this place (Teide 🏞 nacional park in tenerife ) this is the most amazing place and I quistes it a lot of times 😁😁😁. This place got a lot of legends and mystery story’s. This is the biggest volcano 🌋 in Spain and some people says that this volcano created Canary Islands 🇮🇨 😂😁 . You can go in car or pay 💰 and have a guide (but it isn’t necessary)
Image - Playa del Duque
Playa del Duque
Margarita:Sometimes I like to relax and I go to the beach 🏝, this is the one of the most beautiful beaches 😍😍😍 idk what to comment more about it because it’s really cool 😎
Image - Monte de las Mercedes
Monte de las Mercedes
Margarita:Do you like adventures? So its adventure time !!! I went to this forest and omg ,it’s amazing 😉!!! If you want to see more photos of this place go to my instagram @margarita.titarenko . I went there with my family, we were walking there and taking pictures, this forest is the typical forest of scary movies 🎥 😂, I’m not joking, it’s the real scary forest 😱😁😁 sometimes you think that someone is near you :/ . But it’s a great experience ,and you should visit it if you are here more than for 1 week
Image - Siam Mall
Siam Mall
Margarita:Good place to shopping 🛍 and have new clothes, it’s a beautiful shopping center 🏬 ❤️❤️
Image - Montaña Roja
Montaña Roja
Margarita:In this photo you can’t see the red mountain 🏔, but then you see it on real life it’s amazing . I went there with my school in excursion and I like it, it’s beautiful and I dont know why does this mountain is red )) near this mountain there are 2 beaches and it’s got a very beautiful landscape, if you can visit it you must do it ❤️❤️😁😍
Image - Siam Park
Siam Park
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  1. Jungle Park
  2. Teide National Park
  3. Playa del Duque
  4. Monte de las Mercedes
  5. Siam Mall
  6. Montaña Roja
  7. Siam Park
  8. Aqualand Costa Adeje Entrance Ticket In Tenerife
  9. Mordisquitos Cafe

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