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from Sorrento to Amalfi coast

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my favorite beaches


Image - Regina Giovanna Bath
Regina Giovanna Bath
Francesco:if you want to take a dip immersed in greenery and history ... this is the right place for you! it is a natural swimming pool, the remains of an ancient Roman villa, whose name was “Villa Pollio Felice”.
Image - Baia di Ieranto
Baia di Ieranto
Francesco:the Bay of Ieranto is located in an inlet on the Sorrento coast. The bay can be accessed both by sea and by land. For lovers of walking there is a path of 3.5 km from Nerano
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My Recommendations

Image - Punta Campanella
Punta Campanella
Francesco: if you love nature walks, you cannot miss a walk in "Punta Campanella". Punta Campanella is the extreme tip of the Sorrento peninsula, from here you can admire Capri
Image - Chiostro di San Francesco
Chiostro di San Francesco
Francesco:Cloister of San Francesco is a quiet 14th century monastery. is a suggestive structure where civil weddings are celebrated in Sorrento
Image - Terrazza Bosquet
Terrazza Bosquet
Francesco: One of the most romantic places in Sorrento,
Image - Fauno Bar
Fauno Bar

my favorite restaurants


Image - Pizzeria da Franco Food Philosophy
Pizzeria da Franco Food Philosophy
Francesco:great place for pizza and more, it is located near the city center but far from the tourist chaos
Image - La Cantinaccia del Popolo
La Cantinaccia del Popolo
Francesco:traditional food, very good meat it is recommended to book because it is very crowded

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  1. Regina Giovanna Bath
  2. Mitigliano Beach
  3. Baia di Ieranto
  4. Punta Campanella
  5. Chiostro di San Francesco
  6. Terrazza Bosquet
  7. Fauno Bar
  8. Pizzeria da Franco Food Philosophy
  9. La Cantinaccia del Popolo
  10. Ristorante il Cantuccio Nerano

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