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Unexpected charm and beauty. Meander through castles halls and cavernous caves in this mountainous country where old world glamour meets natural wonders.

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Slovenia is a country in Central Europe that sits just below Austria and above Croatia. It also has a short coastline on the Adriatic Sea, and shares a small border with both Italy and Hungary.

The country is green, not only in its landscapes but also in terms of sustainability! The country has been named one of the most sustainable countries in the world, and its capital city is one of the greenest cities in Europe.

Slovenia was previously a part of Yugoslavia, but gained independence in 1991. The country is a member of both the EU and NATO.

Why is Slovenia so popular to visit?

Slovenia is often overlooked for more well-known European countries, but it has become a popular destination for those that want to experience something just a little different. Its majestic forest, remarkable mountains and impressive lakes and rivers make it a popular place for outdoorsy people. The diverse terrain allows people to enjoy an assortment of activities from skiing and hiking to whitewater rafting and bungee jumping. In recent years, the country has made an entire industry out of its famous bees and beekeepers. In fact, it’s said that the country has one of the highest rates of beekeepers in the world. But if you’d rather visit a vineyard for a wine-tasting, don’t worry because that’s an option too!

Things to do in Slovenia

Lake Bled might just be the most photographed place in Slovenia, with its sparkling water, mountainous backdrop and picturesque church-topped island. Don’t miss Bled Castle for a bit of history and the ultimate panoramic view. Speaking of castles, Predjama Castle is another one that’s worth checking out, and it’s not far from Postojna Cave, which is considered by many to be the country’s most extraordinary cave. Soča river, with its crystal clear water, is another Slovenian essential. If all the nature has you craving a little bit of city life, head to Ljubljana to check out Ljubljana Castle and Town Square. Don’t forget that Slovenia has a tiny coastline. The charming seaside town of Piran shouldn't be overlooked.

What is the best time of year to visit Iceland?

Slovenia is a popular summer destination, with most visitors visiting from June to August. However, the months leading up to and following the summer are also an enjoyable time to visit. If you are interested in skiing, the ski resorts are typically open from December to March.

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