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Sigurður Árnason

My Travel Guide

Here's a list of experiences that I think you will enjoy! I've included a few articles about the best restaurants, hot springs and other gems, plus links to car rentals and airport shuttles that could be useful. Let me know if you have any questions and happy adventure hunting!

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My Recommendations

These are my recommendations of things to do, guided experiences and local insights.

Image - Reykjavik
The Proper Way to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Iceland
Sigurður:Icelands New Years Eve is one of a kind experience !
Image - Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching_11743
$ 92
Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching
Sigurður:Giants of the sea are amazingly gentle :)
Image - Golden Circle Classic: Guided in 10 Languages_33078
$ 74
Golden Circle Classic: Guided in 10 Languages
Sigurður:NOTE: in many languages :)
Image - Airport shuttle image shutterstock
Airport Shuttle Service
Sigurður:Relax and let someone else drive you :)
Image - Reykjadalur
The Reykjadalur Hot Spring Hike on Your Own
Sigurður:Hot lagoon is a must while in Iceland
Image - Game of Thrones Iceland
Game Of Thrones Locations in Iceland
Sigurður:Spectacular !
Image - 02A_8533
$ 118
The Heritage Horse Riding Tour
Sigurður:The Icelandic "pony" is quite something
Image - Tourist Shop
What NOT to Do in Iceland: Tourist Traps and Stuff to Avoid
Sigurður:Beware of the do´s and dont´s :D
Image - Private Jeep Tour | Game Of Thrones Experience_229574
$ 1,222
Private Jeep Tour | Game Of Thrones Experience
Sigurður:GOT tours are very unique :)
Image - Lopapeysa
The Lopapeysa Culture: 5 Reasons to Buy Typical Icelandic Wool Sweater
Sigurður:Support Icelandic heritage :)
Image - Private Ice Climbing Tour_48068
$ 302
Private Ice Climbing Tour
Sigurður:Be carefull :)
Image - Glacier Lagoon / Jökulsárlón_48061
$ 1,544
Glacier Lagoon / Jökulsárlón
Sigurður:Unique and must see
Image - Private Icelandic Mythical Walk_312991
$ 244
Private Icelandic Mythical Walk
Sigurður:old myths of Iceland includes trolls and elfs
Image - Beer Spa 1
$ 126
The Beer Spa
Sigurður:Love it !
Image - Icelandic Beer Tour_37488
$ 94
Icelandic Beer Tour
Sigurður:Viking style :)
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Wonderguide map

  1. Golden Circle with Secret Lagoon Tour
  2. Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching
  3. Snorkeling in Silfra: In between Two Continents
  4. The Heritage Horse Riding Tour
  5. Kvíar Ski Lodge
  6. Private Jeep Tour | Game Of Thrones Experience
  7. Private Jeep Tour | Secret Lagoon, Northern Lights And Icelandic Local Cuisine
  8. Best of Iceland Tour: Golden Circle, South Coast and Northern Lights
  9. Birdwatching Private Tour: Lake Mývatn Area
  10. Private Super Jeep Tour
  11. Private Jeep Tour | Hvalfjordur – Hot Springs And Waterfalls, Krauma Hot Relax, Into The Glacier Combo
  12. Private Jeep Tours | Reykjanes Peninsula + Blue Lagoon + Lava Tunnel
  13. Dettifoss Private Tour
  14. Dettifoss Private Tour
  15. Private Ice Climbing Tour
  16. Birdwatching Private Tour: Melrakkaslétta And Kelduhverfi
  17. Glacier Lagoon / Jökulsárlón
  18. The Waterfall Trail
  19. Private Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour - Traditional Icelandic Food
  20. Private Icelandic Mythical Walk
  21. Private Reykjavik Walking Tour - Walk With A Viking
  22. Inside the Volcano Tour | Free Pickup from Reykjavik
  23. The Beer Spa
  24. Icelandic Beer Tour
  25. The Ice Cave Under The Volcano - Katla Icecave Tour
  26. Landmannalaugar Highland Hot Springs Super Jeep Tour

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