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Image - Pokhara: The World’S Longest Zip-Line_262234
$ 160
Pokhara: The World’S Longest Zip-Line
Jagat Mohan:Beautiful place on the world with beautiful enjoy on Shining World.
Image - Pokhara
Jagat Mohan:7 Lakes in Pokhara city with Shining World
Image - Pokhara Paragliding
Pokhara Paragliding
Jagat Mohan:Fentastic & romantic enjoy with Shining World
Image - Pokhara Ultralight Pvt. Ltd
Pokhara Ultralight Pvt. Ltd
Jagat Mohan:Memorable romance on Pokhara's sky by ultralight flight with Shining World
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Trekking in Nepal

It is essential to go trekking in Nepal. There are two main areas, Annapurna and the Everest area.

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  1. Pokhara: The World’S Longest Zip-Line
  2. Pokhara
  3. Pokhara Paragliding
  4. Pokhara Ultralight Pvt. Ltd
  5. Hotel Utse
  6. Krisharpan Nepali Restaurant
  7. Places Restaurant & Bar
  8. Taza (it's fresh)

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