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Image - Advance Study Centre
Advance Study Centre
Sanjeevani Travels:Built in 1998, atop observatory hill by henry irwin, a renowned architect during the tenure of lord dufferin 1884-88. Made of himalayan grey stone and burmese teak wood. Formerly known as viceregal lodge, once the residence of viceroys of imperial raj. After independence, converted in to rashtrapati niwas. Donated by president dr.s.radhakrishan for higher studies. Renamed indian institute of advanced studies. Renowned center of academic research. Spacious lawns and gardens.
Image - Tara Devi Temple
Tara Devi Temple
Sanjeevani Travels:Access by trek ; alight at tara devi railway station .4kms. via homestead, a halting and picnic point. Climb through forests of oak to ancient tara devi temple also once called bhagwati temple. Was called shubhsthan since centuries. Believed that before the temple was built, a statue of devi mata existed here. Tara devi temple was built by a raja, who had vowed that the would built a ‘mandir’ here. If his ailing son recovered. Lord shiva’s temple on the northern side of tara devi temple’s. Built by bawas of udasis sect. Walk down to shoghi from the tara devi temple’s back side or take the train back to shimla.
Image - Jakhu Temple Park
Jakhu Temple Park
Sanjeevani Travels:jakhu is derived from yaku after yaksha. hill is legendary abode of yakshyas, kinnars, nagas, and asuras. legend says that sudden landing of hanuman flattened the hill. excellent view of sunrise, mountains and town. JAKHU TEMPLE; ancient historical temple of hanuman, the monkey god . a legend says that hanuman's sandals fell here . presence of monkeys.
Image - Himachal State Museum
Himachal State Museum
Sanjeevani Travels:Housed in inverarm, an old colonial building. Ancient historical sculptures, pahari miniature paintings, philately, coins, landscapes, gandhi gallery, etc. Reflecting the cultural heritage of shimla. Has a historical letter box which the british had got from dharmshala. Breathtaking view of shimla’s sun set.
Image - Prospect Hill
Prospect Hill
Sanjeevani Travels:PROSPECT HILL ;( 2KMS. FROM BOILEAUGANJ ) Kamna devi temple, also known as krera devi mandir , situated on the summit of prospect hill. Moon rise and sun set can be seen here together, a steep meandering path admist forests leads to this place. Temple dedicated to durga mata, believed to have been built by rana of junga. Also known as kamna devi, as wishes are believed to be fulfilled, after praying here. Excellent view of jutogh, subathu, tara devi. Solan district, old shimla – kalka bridle path and choor chandi dhar.
Image - Kali Bari Temple, Shimla
Kali Bari Temple, Shimla
Sanjeevani Travels:KALIBARI ; Built in 1845. Dedicated to kali mata .believed that an ancient temple of shamla (blue female) i.e. kali devi existed near rothney castle on jakhu. Wooden image worshipped locally. During early british days, it was removed to a wooden structure, present kali bari.
Image - Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex Shimla
Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex Shimla
Sanjeevani Travels:GAIETY THEATRE ; Built in 1887, has semi-circular victorian theatre. Plays and functions held here. Designed by h.irwin, on the lines of royal albert hall, london. Built in grey barog stone in elizabethan style.called ‘the best equipped theatre east of suez’ . activities reported in illustrated london news.
Image - Christ Church, Shimla
Christ Church, Shimla
Sanjeevani Travels:CRIST CHURCH ; Built in 1857, second oldest church of north india. Original chancel windows, designed by lockwood kipling, rudyard kipling’s father. Stained glass windows.
Image - Annadale
Sanjeevani Travels:ANNANDALE ; Wide open ground below kaithu. Named annadale by capt. Charles prat kennedy after his childhood sweetheart anna, adding ‘dale’ (valley) to it. Formerly a racecourse, where fetes, fairs picnics, animal and flower shows, polo and cricket matches, etc. Were held . club house dates back to 1885. Place where A.O.hume thought of creating indian national congress which paved the way for india’s independence. First airplace in shimla after world war I. Now a helipad, also a golf course and cricket ground.
Image - SBI Main Branch Shimla
SBI Main Branch Shimla
Sanjeevani Travels:State bank of india :- Once called Dalzell house later imperial bank of india in 1924.
Image - Scandal Point
Scandal Point
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  1. Advance Study Centre
  2. Tara Devi Temple
  3. Jakhu Temple Park
  4. Himachal State Museum
  5. Prospect Hill
  6. Kali Bari Temple, Shimla
  7. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex Shimla
  8. Christ Church, Shimla
  9. Annadale
  10. SBI Main Branch Shimla
  11. Scandal Point
  12. Baba Bhalku Rail Museum
  13. Army Heritage Museum

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