Shermans Dale, a great little town

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Marsha Way

Shermans Dale, a great little town

A small small-town in Perry County, Shermans Dale is a great hometown.

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My Recommendations

Image - Village Square Diner
Village Square Diner
Marsha:Home-style meals
Image - Zeiderellis Pizza & Subs
Zeiderellis Pizza & Subs
Marsha:The pizza is great, but what I order are subs, since all the rolls are made in-house with pizza dough. It is literally the first place we eat when returning to town.
Image - Grandpa's Love Shack
Grandpa's Love Shack
Marsha:Ribs and brisket are the highlights of the love shack, but the whole family will find something to eat from their menu.
Image - Hoverter & Sholl Box Huckleberry Natural Area
Hoverter & Sholl Box Huckleberry Natural Area
Marsha:The Hoverter and Sholl Box Huckleberry Natural area protects a colony of box huckleberry, a relative of the blueberry, about 1,300 years old, estimated to be the oldest woody plant east of the Rocky Mountains.
Image - Shermans Dale Presbyterian Cemetery
Shermans Dale Presbyterian Cemetery
Marsha:Built in 1843 on land donated by William Smiley (the town used to be called Smileytown). The church is not currently used.
Image - Ferster's Meat Market
Ferster's Meat Market
Marsha:A large variety of fresh cuts and... scrapple!!!
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Creek Road

A beautiful, scenic route taking you through town on the other side of Sherman's Creek. Keep your eyes open- animal crossing the whole way through!

Dromgold's Corner

One of the four main references in town (the others being the roundabout Crum's Corner, and Meck's Corner), Dromgold's Corner is a historic site of the T. Roy Dromgold family. Gladys Sheaffer (neé Dromgold) donated the land and home to the Perry County Historical Society. "Ghostbusting" groups frequently gather to go through the house in search of spirits.

Shermans Creek

A trader named Sherman and his horse drowned in the creek; the town in the valley, or dale, commemorates them (well, not so much the horse!).

Sterret's Gap

Elevation of 930 feet, Route 34 runs across, connecting Shermans Dale to other towns such as Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Enola, Camp Hill, and of course, Harrisburg.

Silver Spring Diner

The diner serves delicious food with reasonable prices, but I recommend you go for the scrapple!

Image - Silver Spring Diner
Silver Spring Diner
Marsha:The scrapple!

Winter in PA

The most beautiful time of the year (except for cleaning the snow from the walk and driveway!) A true winter wonderland.


A short drive away, Gettysburg is the site of battlefields that marked the Civil War, as well as the site of the Gettysburg Address given by President Abraham Lincoln.

Image - Gettysburg

Wonderguide map

  1. Village Square Diner
  2. Zeiderellis Pizza & Subs
  3. Grandpa's Love Shack
  4. Dellville Covered Bridge
  5. Hoverter & Sholl Box Huckleberry Natural Area
  6. Shermans Dale Presbyterian Cemetery
  7. Ferster's Meat Market
  8. Silver Spring Diner
  9. Gettysburg

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