Sharm Elsheikh city live

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Amr Ezz

Sharm Elsheikh city live

Drive all over sharm elsheikh with best local guide and get all information you need and local area check with best shopping stops and full ideas about the lovely city sharm elsheikh it starting 7 pm from your hotel till 11 pm ,the pick from your hotel and drop back with flexibility to design .

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Sharm Elsheikh City Tour

drive all over Sharm elsheikh Land marks and walk in the best areas and check all you need for shipping ,text the local drinks and food

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Wonderguide map

  1. Sharm Old Market
  2. Naama Bay
  3. SOHO Square Sharm El Sheikh
  4. Hilton Sharks Bay Resort
  5. Sharm El Sheikh International Airport
  6. Domina Coral Bay Oasis
  7. Hard Rock Cafe Sharm el Sheikh
  8. Farsha Cafe
  9. Al Sahaba Mosque
  10. Nabq Bay

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