China trip for families

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Hekla Arnardottir

China trip for families

I lived and worked in Shanghai for few years. During the time there we learned to know the city well and took some trips that were suitable for families with young children. Here are some ideas!

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Interesting things to do and see in Shanghai with children

Image - Sheshan
Hekla:This is a big park, that you can visit all year around. In the winter you can enjoy walking around looking at sculptures. In the summer you can play in the water. There are some nice hotels around where you can enjoy a good brunch.
Image - Century Park
Century Park
Hekla:It is lovely to spend the day here with your family, flying kites, eating street food. On the National day there is a big crowd gathering there and it is fun to watch the fireworks.
Image - Dino Beach Water Park
Dino Beach Water Park
Hekla:This place freaked me out. I constantly felt I had lost my kids. It was so crowded. The kids had a lot of fun though, but prepare yourself for a stressful day.
Image - Yushu Garden (North Gate)
Yushu Garden (North Gate)
Hekla:This garden was hidden to us even though we cycled beside it every day. It was behind big walls and very exclusive. Our good friends from Finland lived in a resort attached to the garden and they knew the secret path to the garden. We visited the garden with them and had a lovely picknick there. No less fun when it started raining. The lake has black swans.
Image - Brilliance West Shopping Center
Brilliance West Shopping Center
Hekla:Brilliance Shopping mall was excellent. Decathlon was our favourite store. In 40°C during the summer it was such a great idea to go skating.
Image - Qibao Ancient Town
Qibao Ancient Town
Hekla:This old town is close to Hongqiao area and has great atmosphere with a lot of street food available and much to see. As authentic as a place like that can be.
Image - Din Tai Fung
Din Tai Fung
Hekla:The best dumpling I have ever tasted. I still get intense desire when I think of these dumplings so much that I get pain in my chest. Our last meal at the place before leaving Shanghai.
Image - Shanghai Zoo
Shanghai Zoo
Hekla:This is a beautiful garden, my kids used to go to a school that was just by the zoo and could visit the park every day.
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Trips from Shanghai

Shanghai can be overwhelming and its good to plan short trips once in a while.

Image - Kunming
Hekla:I like the city and have been there few times. If you like the big mountains you are certainly getting closer to them. If not you can enjoy the food, culture and shopping in the city. The weather is always good, 25°C and the city is called the spring city.
Image - Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Hekla:We travelled there in May, 2 families and 6 kids and 2 newborns. We had such a great time playing on bamboo rafts in the river and my son adopted a dragon fly. The food was so nice and the accomodation and environment cosy and beautiful.
Image - Nanjing
Hekla:Taking the train from Shanghai to Nanjing is easy. We had a pleasant weekend there with friends.
Image - Zhongshan Scenic Area
Zhongshan Scenic Area
Hekla:I just liked hanging around and looking at the beautiful view. The steps where quite hard.
Image - Moganshan Lodge
Moganshan Lodge
Hekla:Mogan shan, meaning the mountain "Mogan", a 3 hours drive from Shanghai, is a nice cool place where the Shanghai elite used to hang around in the early 20th century. We stayed in a beautiful "country" house up in the mountain and could walk down to the Lodge for breakfast or dinner. The kids loved playing in the forest and the atmosphere was very relaxed.
Image - Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Hekla:After a while in the city you might feel overwhelmed. Hongqiao airport is very convenient if you want to visit other parts of China, easy access in the middle of Shanghai.
Image - Shanghai Railway Station
Shanghai Railway Station
Hekla:Before moving to Shanghai I lived in Hong Kong for a while and I somehow I found it a great idea to take the train from Hong Kong to Shanghai, when we moved over. Of course we booked a "Deluxe soft sleeper" that was quite nice, but with two boys running around the whole train and my husband with 39°C and a flue, it was not the most pleasant ride. I would though do it again, since you get to see alot.
Image - Hangzhou
Hekla:Hangzhou is a beautiful city and is perfect for a weekend trip from Shanghai with a car. The West lake is beautiful. Some people were curious about the cute boys from Iceland.

Wonderguide map

  1. Sheshan
  2. Century Park
  3. Dino Beach Water Park
  4. Yushu Garden (North Gate)
  5. Brilliance West Shopping Center
  6. Qibao Ancient Town
  7. Din Tai Fung
  8. Shanghai Zoo
  9. Kunming
  10. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
  11. Nanjing
  12. Zhongshan Scenic Area
  13. Moganshan Lodge
  14. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
  15. Shanghai Railway Station
  16. Hangzhou

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