Live, Play & Work in Portugal

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Shakhina Pulatova

Live, Play & Work in Portugal

My favorite places and experiences in Portugal, especially when nomading in Lisbon.

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WORK: Best cafes in Lisbon

Laptop-friendly cafes and coffee shops in Lisbon where you can get work done in a creative environment. Even if you're not working, these spots are great for getting coffee (or breakfast or quick meals), reading a book or catching up with friends.

Image - Fauna & Flora
Fauna & Flora
Shakhina:Amazing vibe and amazing food (try their Salmon Nest!). My favorite in Lisbon.
Image - Tease
Shakhina:Beautiful decor to put you in creative mode. Amazing desserts.
Image - Heim Cafe
Heim Cafe
Shakhina:Awesome for a weekend brunch or just an afternoon coffee.
Image - COMOBA
Shakhina:Beautiful space, beautiful food. A bit pricey for Lisbon.
Image - Hello, Kristof
Hello, Kristof
Shakhina:Cute cafe with good food, but space is limited.
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EAT: My favorite eateries in Lisbon

Image - InkFarmFood - Organic food & juices. Israeli Cuisine
InkFarmFood - Organic food & juices. Israeli Cuisine
Shakhina:Incredible vegetarian food (best falafels in town!) and friendliest staff. Must visit while in Lisbon.
Image - Barracão de Alfama
Barracão de Alfama
Shakhina:Great restaurant for local food. Huge selection of fish and seafood. Very affordable.
Image - Time Out Market Lisbon
Time Out Market Lisbon
Shakhina:Huge market with zillions of food and drink options. Love it or hate it, you need to visit this place at least once. Also, for dessert, don't miss the Manteigaria for one of the best pastéis de nata in town!
Image - The Food Temple
The Food Temple
Shakhina:Delicious veggie/vegan meals with a menu that changes daily by a female chef. Make a reservation. Located in Alfama, the old town of Lisbon. Good opportunity to walk around the narrow streets before it gets dark.
Image - Pastéis de Belém
Pastéis de Belém
Shakhina:The original place that invented pasteis de nata (egg custard tarts)! Very touristy and crowded, but lines move quickly.
Image - 4 Caravelas
4 Caravelas
Shakhina:Great cocktails. Local bar frequented by "Remote Year" groups, so I'm biased :)

PLAY: Soak in the culture

Embrace the saudade! Catch some Fado (and make sure to listen to the music of Amalia Rodrigues), attend local events and check out the local art.

Image - Casa Independente
Casa Independente
Shakhina:Check out some live music (check their program in advance) or just explore the building and get drinks at the bar. Located in Intendente - a hip neighborhood of Lisbon.
Image - Park and National Palace of Pena
Park and National Palace of Pena
Shakhina:Take a day trip to Sintra and explore this beautiful fairy tale castle. We attended an evening classical concert here and it was amazing.
Image - Jerónimos Monastery
Jerónimos Monastery
Shakhina:Touristy spot in Lisbon, but definitely worth checking out.
Image - Livraria Lello
Livraria Lello
Shakhina:This is a famous bookstore in Porto that inspired JK Rowling to write her Harry Potter books. A must stop if you've visiting Porto.
Image - MAAT
Shakhina:Great museum in Lisbon with a beautiful architecture by the water.
Image - Lx factory india Avenue
Lx factory india Avenue
Shakhina:Trendy arts center in Lisbon with local shops and restaurants.
Image - Castelo de S. Jorge
Castelo de S. Jorge
Shakhina:Historic castle in Lisbon. Touristy but worth checking out.
Image - Monumento a Amália Rodrigues
Monumento a Amália Rodrigues
Shakhina:An urban art dedicated to the queen of Fado Amalia Rodrigues. We saw it as part of a street art tour and it was lovely.
Image - Quinta da Regaleira
Quinta da Regaleira
Shakhina:While in Sintra don't miss this incredible world heritage site.

EXPLORE: See all the beautiful nature

Portugal has some of the most beautiful nature of the world. Get out and soak in all the beauty.

Image - Cabo da Roca
Cabo da Roca
Shakhina:While driving to Sintra stop at this breathtaking cape at the westernmost point of Portugal and soak in the scenery.
Image - Azenhas do Mar
Azenhas do Mar
Shakhina:Charming seaside town of Sintra with beautiful views and very local vibes.
Image - Nazaré
Shakhina:An absolute must visit on the way to Porto. The biggest waves recorded in history and needless to say, insanely beautiful views.
Image - Porto
Shakhina:Do a weekend trip to Porto, a coastal city of Portugal famous for its bridges (I've seen some of the best sunsets of my life here!) and of course their Porto wine. Much more touristy than Lisbon (that's why I prefer Lisbon for living), but equally charming.
Image - Cascais
Shakhina:A charming town not far from Lisbon great for a day or half day trip. We stopped there on our way to Sintra.

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  1. Fauna & Flora
  2. Tease
  3. Heim Cafe
  5. Hello, Kristof
  6. InkFarmFood - Organic food & juices. Israeli Cuisine
  7. Barracão de Alfama
  8. Time Out Market Lisbon
  9. The Food Temple
  10. Pastéis de Belém
  11. 4 Caravelas
  12. Casa Independente
  13. Park and National Palace of Pena
  14. Jerónimos Monastery
  15. Livraria Lello
  16. MAAT
  17. Lx factory india Avenue
  18. Castelo de S. Jorge
  19. Monumento a Amália Rodrigues
  20. Quinta da Regaleira
  21. Cabo da Roca
  22. Azenhas do Mar
  23. Nazaré
  24. Porto
  25. Cascais

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