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Image - Michoacán
Nancy:Visit and have fun
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Morelia Cathedral

It is a very beautiful church, its structure is incredible, you can enjoy a good view as well as food and desserts that are sold in nearby restaurants

Image - Morelia Cathedral
Morelia Cathedral
Nancy:It`s great

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Biosphere Reserve

It is a very beautiful place since you can enjoy the view of the forest that is surrounded by monarch butterflies

Image - Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
Nancy:It is a unique and very beautiful experience Visit him

San Juan Parangaricutiro

It is a very beautiful place since there is the parangaricutiro volcano that exploded in 1943, many people come to see what was a town and that now it is a town under the ashes, the only thing that remains there is a religious altar. It is very pleasant to walk in the morning as you have to go through a forest to enjoy the fresh air and upon arrival you can eat traditional food.

Image - Parícutin
Nancy:It is great to visit with family or alone

Lake Pazcuaro

It is a very beautiful and relaxing place to see it, to get to the small island you have to take a boat that takes 15 minutes. Upon disembarking you will be able to see a beautiful view of the lake as well as you will be able to observe a significant statue you will be able to eat traditional food of the place as well as you will be able to buy very beautiful handicrafts

Image - Lake Pátzcuaro
Lake Pátzcuaro
Nancy:The place is very beautiful since you can walk freely around the island


It is a very visited place since it is the cradle of guitars, there you can find many crafts created in reference to the guitar, you can also taste very rich traditional food.

Image - Paracho
Nancy:The place is very nice


It is a very beautiful and pleasant place, quiroga is a place well known for its delicious barbecue and its handicrafts.

Image - Quiroga
Nancy:It is a very nice place to walk with the family

Cuitzeo del Porvenir

It is a very nice and quiet place to spend time and family to clear your mind of the daily activities of the city

Image - Cuitzeo
Nancy:It is very nice and pleasant

Zirahuen Lake

It is a very pleasant place since you will enjoy nature around the lake as well as you can also enjoy swimming or taking boat rides as well as you can eat traditional food

Image - Lake Zirahuén
Lake Zirahuén
Nancy:You can enjoy a delicious family meal as well as take very beautiful photographs of the place

Santa Clara del Cobre

It is a very nice place you can find different crafts made from copper, you can enjoy the place as a family or you can only visit all the corners of the place in search of new things

Image - Santa Clara del Cobre
Santa Clara del Cobre
Nancy:It is a very beautiful place to visit as a family

Zamora de Hidalgo

It is a very pleasant place to visit with the family and be able to admire the old buildings such as the Cathedral of Zamora

Image - Zamora
Nancy:The atmosphere is very pleasant you can visit with family or alone

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  1. Michoacán
  2. Morelia Cathedral
  3. Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
  4. Parícutin
  5. Lake Pátzcuaro
  6. Paracho
  7. Quiroga
  8. Cuitzeo
  9. Lake Zirahuén
  10. Santa Clara del Cobre
  11. Zamora

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