Golden Gate City

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Anjali Pooni

Golden Gate City

Here are some of peoples fave restaurants, bars, and places to go for entertainment in San Francisco.

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The TOP rated restaurants & goodies by experience

Image - I Scream Donuts
I Scream Donuts
Anjali:I have to say starting from this place…I AM IN LOOOOOOOVE WITH ICE DONUTS. Me & my two mothers had just came from an Airbnb we rented which was totally unexpected, weird and simply just flat out creepy. We were slightly terrified from what we had just witnessed and though some Ice cream donuts sound perfect at this moment. So we ended up running into this place and let me tell you …after everything that, lavender ice cream with that pressed donut was ✨LiTeRaL HeAvEn✨ it was like the perfect combination. I guess you could say that was my first love😳 baha! at this moment I really wasn't able to think of nothing else but this.
Image - The View Lounge
The View Lounge
Anjali:For my 16th birthday I was suppose to take a visit as a surprise, so coming here is another goal. I've asked around and by the looks and people's opinions of this place, it is definitely recommended <3.
Image - Hot Cookie
Hot Cookie
Anjali:Oh my god, the cookies at this place literally left me drooling (no point intended baha), the cookies are sooo good and the place is pretty uhm.. interesting to look at.
Image - Wipeout Bar & Grill
Wipeout Bar & Grill
Anjali:"Where to start? Wipeout Bar & Grill is located at the heart of Pier 39. The theme was exactly what I was looking for. I really like their sea food tacos, they are on point and with a a beer dressed just right, magnificent. My ultimate favorite food their was their Bread Bowls. They are literally the reason you go to the city to begin with. Up front is the patio where you can enough watching everyone walking around; shopping and enjoying the beautiful San Francisco weather. On the other you have a perfect view of the docks and fairy's. Cool spot and great drinks!" -Pat a recommendation by my mother.
Image - Rainforest Cafe
Rainforest Cafe
Anjali:I was about 9 years old when I first came here with my mother. My 9 year old version of the place loved the forest theme, even their food and drinks were themed which was cool. Everything else around the restaurant felt so real at the moment because all the robotic animals would randomly move & make noise throughout the restaurant. I think it would be a pretty good place to take children. Overall the food was good and we enjoyed our time.
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If your into getting to know the place, these tours are it.

Image - RocketBoat
Anjali:I haven't been here yet but it is a goal. This boat tour takes you out on a ride to SF bay going under the Bay Bridge, past the sea lions, Alcatraz, and ATT park (where the SF Giants play) going 60 mph for 30 minutes. You get a good view of the city skylines. Fun part is while they go soo fast they do twists and turns so at all times you have to be buckled in or fly out the boat straight into the cold ocean of sharks.
Image - PIER 39

🍹Bars & Night life🌆

21+ Entertainment

Image - Martuni's
Anjali:"Martuni's offers a wide variety of Martini's. The atmosphere is dark and romantic. Their are two rooms separated by long dark velvet curtains. The first room in the bar and then a second room is the piano room where anyone who wishes to can serenade the room. It's personal with candles on the table and the music is inviting. This is my favorite night life spot in the city." -Pat
Image - The Punch Line San Francisco
The Punch Line San Francisco
Anjali:"Jokes are funny and the drinks are stiff. Whether you live in the city or not, it's a must stop." When I asked my mother how she enjoyed this place. As mentioned It's another great place to check out famous and upcoming comedians. Exciting place full of laughter and great drinks.-Pat

✈To Go

Here is some entertainment you shouldn't miss out.

Image - Elite Paragliding
Elite Paragliding
Anjali:Not afraid of heights? Paragliding over the ocean sounds uhh-amazinggg
Image - Hotel Fairmont San Francisco
Hotel Fairmont San Francisco
Anjali:The Fairmont San Francisco Penthouse Suite is one of the most expensive San Francisco hotel room that has a secret passageway that JFK used. BUT IT COSTS 18k A NIGHT. Just wanted to add this for the fact famous people like Prince Charles, Mick Jagger, and Alfred Hitchcock.

🏞Hikes & Sight seeing

Take a hike and enjoy the best views in the city.

Image - Black Sands Beach
Black Sands Beach
Anjali:I think this might be the only beach I've been to that has black sand. Beaches like these are actually rare come to find out. We walked the small Hawk Hill trail with my family and wanted to go to the beach so right after we went down hill along the edges looking down at the beach & taking the fresh breath of air …the view was absolutely worth the walk down those 2000 stair including going back up.
Image - Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
Anjali:Want a 360 view of San Francisco? This is the place to look over all the beauty, its truly UH-AMAZING just make sure the wind doesn't blow you down the hill, because then it wouldn't be as beautiful.
Image - Powell Blvd & Market St
Powell Blvd & Market St
Anjali:The thing about riding the Cable Car is that it goes through a good amount of the city. It takes you over huge hills that offers so many amazing views and opportunities for absolutely amazing photo. Take it from Union Square all the way to Pier 39. What better way to travel through the city then to hang off a cable car with the wind in your hair?
Image - Hawk Hill
Hawk Hill
Anjali:What I liked the most about this trail was finding the weapon bunkers, the bunker rooms were really dark inside so take a flash light, all you will find is bags of chips and who knows what. But it's interesting to explore and fun to scare your friends when you can get the chance.
Image - Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Park
Anjali:You can plan your day around this park. Weather you want to go for a jog, bike ride, check out the Japanese Tea Garden, have a picnic, Palace Art Museum or who knows go discover it there is so much!
Image - Sutro Baths
Sutro Baths
Image - Seward Mini Park
Seward Mini Park
Anjali:I know this isn't exactly in San Francisco but it is only about an hour away. I heard it's a really nice drive.
Image - Wharf Pass
Wharf Pass
Image - Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay
Image - Moss Beach
Moss Beach
Image - Big C
Big C
Anjali:I know this isn't exactly in San Francisco but it is only about an hour away. I heard it's a really nice drive.
Image - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Anjali:I know this isn't exactly in San Francisco but it is only about an hour away. I heard it's a really nice drive.


Image - Museum of the African Diaspora
Museum of the African Diaspora
Anjali:One of the few African museums that exist in California so far.
Image - Audium-Theatre of Sound
Audium-Theatre of Sound
Anjali:This might be the only theatre in the world constructed specifically for sound movement
Image - 450 Sutter Street
450 Sutter Street
Anjali:Nestled in the heart of San Francisco’s bustling Financial District stands a unique homage to the Mayan and Beaux Arts.

Wonderguide map

  1. I Scream Donuts
  2. The View Lounge
  3. Hot Cookie
  4. Wipeout Bar & Grill
  5. Rainforest Cafe
  6. Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop
  7. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
  8. Alcatraz Island
  9. RocketBoat
  10. Red and White Fleet
  11. PIER 39
  12. Martuni's
  13. The Punch Line San Francisco
  14. Elite Paragliding
  15. The Castro Theatre
  16. Hotel Fairmont San Francisco
  17. Black Sands Beach
  18. Twin Peaks
  19. Powell Blvd & Market St
  20. Japanese Tea Garden
  21. Hawk Hill
  22. Golden Gate Park
  23. Lands End Labyrinth
  24. The Wave Organ
  25. Sutro Baths
  26. Telegraph Hill
  27. Seward Mini Park
  28. San Francisco Columbarium & Funeral Home
  29. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps
  30. Wharf Pass
  31. Hamon Observation Tower
  32. Garden of Fragrance
  33. Half Moon Bay
  34. Moss Beach
  35. Big C
  36. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  37. Museum of the African Diaspora
  38. Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze
  39. Audium-Theatre of Sound
  40. The Walt Disney Family Museum
  41. 450 Sutter Street
  42. Three Gems By James Turrell

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