Secret spots in Fethiye, Turkey

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Secret spots in Fethiye, Turkey

We spent our summer vacation in Fethiye for 2 years in a row and absolutely in love with this paradise

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Delicious food

Turkish food is so delicious and various that we ate a lot and enjoyed everywhere we ate. Here is the list of places we loved most.

Image - Enver Yalçın Yörük Müzesi & Apart
Enver Yalçın Yörük Müzesi & Apart
Sara:Best organic breakfast I ever had in Turkey!
Image - Gar 1 Lokantası
Gar 1 Lokantası
Sara:They have best food in town though the place is very simple the food is amazing. We used to have lucnh their pretty often.
Image - Balik Bazaar
Balik Bazaar
Image - Pizza Calisto
Pizza Calisto
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Image - Sunset Beach Villas and Apartments
Sunset Beach Villas and Apartments
Sara:Two years in a row we rent apart villas at Sunset Beach which is on Chalish beach. It's right on the beach and perfect for families with kids.

Rent a car

We rented a car to get to our accomodation from the airport and to visit different beaches.

Must take tours in Fethiye

Image - Babadağ
Sara:We took the Babadag tour to watch the paragliders taking off 1800 m above the sea level and enjoy the incredible view. The tour included pickup from the hotel, ride to Babadag mountain, guide and boat tour to watch the sunset and have dinner with show.
Image - Dalyan
Sara:We had a boat tour in Dalyan where we saw a giant water turtle!
Image - Göcek Tekne Turu Aviva 2
Göcek Tekne Turu Aviva 2
Sara:You should deffinitely take 12 islands boat tour. It's a must!

Wonderguide map

  1. Enver Yalçın Yörük Müzesi & Apart
  2. Gar 1 Lokantası
  3. Fethiye Paşa Kebap
  4. Dut Ağacı Restoran
  5. Balik Bazaar
  6. Megri Lokantası
  7. Meshur Sariyer Borekcisi
  8. Boğaziçi Restaurant
  9. Pizza Calisto
  10. Sunset Beach Villas and Apartments
  11. Oscar Rent A Car
  12. Ölüdeniz Beach
  13. Help Beach and Yacht Club
  14. Kidrak Beach
  15. Küçük Samanlık Plajı
  16. Katrancı Forest Camp
  17. Patara Beach
  18. Babadağ
  19. Dalyan
  20. Göcek Tekne Turu Aviva 2

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