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sardinia like a local

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My Recommendations

Image - Ristorante Il Porticciolo
Ristorante Il Porticciolo
chiara:very simple but very good price, fast service and clean
Image - Frades La Terrazza
Frades La Terrazza
chiara:the best view on cala di volpe, where all the big yachts are
Image - Picuccia
chiara:good pizza and very nice garden, where you can relax and the children can play
Image - Ristorante Pizzeria Riva Azzurra
Ristorante Pizzeria Riva Azzurra
chiara:easy going restaurant, where you can look over the sea. it's near the play ground and the promenade
Image - CuCumiao
chiara:smart and cozy restaurant where you can enjoy very good sardinian cousine
Image - Pasqualina Srl
Pasqualina Srl
chiara:best ice cream and nice stroll in porto cervo
Image - Pasticceria Orchidea
Pasticceria Orchidea
chiara:best italian breakfast, delicious cakes and pastries
Image - Spiaggia Del Piccolo Pevero Beach
Spiaggia Del Piccolo Pevero Beach
chiara:perfect beach for little children and when it's windy
Image - Spiaggia Rena Bianca
Spiaggia Rena Bianca
chiara:perfect beach for kids and when it's windy
Image - Spiaggia di Barrabisa
Spiaggia di Barrabisa
chiara:this beach is large and not crowed
Image - Spiaggia Mannena
Spiaggia Mannena
chiara:nice beach in cannigione
Image - Cala Ginepro
Cala Ginepro
chiara:nice little beaches, perfect at sunset
Image - Le Calette Beach, Cala dei Ginepri
Le Calette Beach, Cala dei Ginepri
chiara:romantic at sunset
Image - Spiaggia Precedente A Mucchi Bianchi
Spiaggia Precedente A Mucchi Bianchi
chiara:nice equipped beach
Image - Baja Sardinia
Baja Sardinia
chiara:lovely village and nice beach
Image - San Pantaleo
San Pantaleo
chiara:nice stroll in the evening
Image - Palau
chiara:typical fisher village
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Wonderguide map

  1. Ristorante pizzeria La Rocca da Chiara
  2. Ristorante Il Porticciolo
  3. Frades La Terrazza
  4. Picuccia
  5. Ristorante Pizzeria Riva Azzurra
  6. CuCumiao
  7. Pasqualina Srl
  8. Pasticceria Orchidea
  9. Spiaggia Del Piccolo Pevero Beach
  10. Spiaggia Rena Bianca
  11. Spiaggia di Barrabisa
  12. Spiaggia Mannena
  13. Cala Ginepro
  14. Le Calette Beach, Cala dei Ginepri
  15. Spiaggia Precedente A Mucchi Bianchi
  16. Baja Sardinia
  17. San Pantaleo
  18. Palau

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