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SAPA - Travel experience

Some experience when traveling in Sapa.

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Image - Cat Cat Village
Cat Cat Village
Hoang Anh:Visit Cat Cat village, an H’Mong ethnic village 2km from Sapa town. This is a famous tourist destination in Sapa that you should not miss.
Image - núi Hàm Rồng
núi Hàm Rồng
Hoang Anh:Ham Rong Mountain is located in the center of town, this tourist attraction in Sapa has tickets. To reach Ham Rong Mountain you need to cross hundreds of stone steps. Coming here, you will admire many kinds of flowers with all colors, especially when climbing to the top you will admire the panoramic view of Sapa town.
Image - Fansipan
Hoang Anh:This is the Roof of Indochina, a favorite place in Sapa. Currently, there is a cable car going to Fansipan, you will easily conquer this mountain.
Image - Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral
Hoang Anh:Located in the center of town, the church was built from stone in the style of Roman Gothic architecture. The ancient beauty of the stone church is a place you should not miss during your exploration.
Image - Ta Phin
Ta Phin
Hoang Anh:It has beautiful natural landscape, cultural features imbued with ethnic identity of the Red Dao people with brocade. Coming to Ta Phin village, you can visit the nearby Ta Phin cave. In the cave there are many interesting stalactites shaped like dancing, fairy sitting, distant fields, sparkling forests ...
Image - Sapa Ancient Stone Gallery
Sapa Ancient Stone Gallery
Hoang Anh:Hundreds of sandstone carved with figures and strange characters have not been identified yet. Today, this ancient carving area has been classified as a national monument, a unique heritage of ancient Vietnamese people.
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Image - Scenery Hotel
Scenery Hotel
Hoang Anh:Located in Sapa, Scenery Hotel Sapa offers free Wi-Fi. Rooms come with a terrace and / or balcony with mountain views. Rooms fully equipped, with hair dryer, tv, air conditioning ... Reasonable price. Motorbike rental available
Image - Phơ Ri homestay 2
Phơ Ri homestay 2
Hoang Anh:Phô 's House is a beautiful homestay in Sapa with a simple style of the mountains with colorful decorative items, wood and rattan furniture. The owner here has always called Phori 's House is home to a welcome by they want to create a friendly atmosphere, close at home alone so.
Image - Lá Dao Spa - Home - Restaurant
Lá Dao Spa - Home - Restaurant
Hoang Anh:Each room of La Dao Spa Homestay is designed to make the most of the void of sight and use natural materials. Despite being a homestay, La Dao is professionally organized with all kinds of rooms, cafes with views of the green hills, restaurants and spas relaxing with natural medicine. It can be said that this is one of the most beautiful homestay in Sapa.
Image - TubOtel Sapa
TubOtel Sapa
Hoang Anh:Certainly, when you see the colorful rooms of TubOtel Sapa, you will be defeated immediately, very cute. This beautiful homestay in Sapa is designed in the style of a hive in the middle of a sea of clouds, which has long been sought after by the virtual life.

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  1. Cat Cat Village
  2. núi Hàm Rồng
  3. Fansipan
  4. Notre Dame Cathedral
  5. Ta Phin
  6. Sapa Ancient Stone Gallery
  7. Scenery Hotel
  8. Phơ Ri homestay 2
  9. Lá Dao Spa - Home - Restaurant
  10. TubOtel Sapa

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