San Martín de los Andes

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Victoria Alessandria

San Martín de los Andes

Home of the Lanin Volcano

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Lakes to spend the day doing water activities or walking around while enjoying the amazing views.

Image - Ruta 40 - Camino 7 Lagos
Ruta 40 - Camino 7 Lagos
Victoria:It is called "Camino de los Siete Lagos" because all along route 40, you can stop at seven different lakes in the cities of San Martin de los Andes and Villa La Angostura.
Image - Lanín National Park
Lanín National Park
Victoria:A national park with amazing views and countless paths.
Image - Lácar Lake
Lácar Lake
Victoria:The lake looks like a mirror; deep blue water with mountains at the back.
Image - Quila Quina Playa
Quila Quina Playa
Victoria:A beautiful quiet beach during the Summer season!
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Things to do

Activities, tours, and more!

Image - LANÍN Turismo y Aventura - Aventura en Patagonia
LANÍN Turismo y Aventura - Aventura en Patagonia
Victoria:Activities, tours, trekking guides and more!
Image - Lanín
Victoria:Fo those who enjoy extreme sports, Lanin volcano is the perfect Patagonian experience. Once you get to the top, feel free to enjoy the views.
Image - Chapelco
Victoria:Historical Ski Center.


Image - Down Town Matias
Down Town Matias
Victoria:You can find draft beer, appetizers and local dishes in this Irish pub.
Image - La Casona Restaurant
La Casona Restaurant
Victoria:Beautiful, quiet place where you can find exquisite food.
Image - El Regional Restaurante
El Regional Restaurante
Victoria:Excelent Patagonian dishes and draft beer. Trout with mushroom sauce is a must.
Image - Dublin South Pub
Dublin South Pub
Victoria:This is a typical pub, relaxed environment to hang out with friends.

Wonderguide map

  1. Ruta 40 - Camino 7 Lagos
  2. Lanín National Park
  3. Lácar Lake
  4. Quila Quina Playa
  5. LANÍN Turismo y Aventura - Aventura en Patagonia
  6. Lanín
  7. Chapelco
  8. Down Town Matias
  9. La Casona Restaurant
  10. El Regional Restaurante
  11. Dublin South Pub

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