San Martín Texmelucan

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San Martín Texmelucan

"the place of the oaks"

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Texmelucan, from the Náhualt Tetzmoll (oaks) and Can (place). Even though nowadays there are not oaks in this place, the beautiful town could offer a great experience for everyone, take a look at the different activities that you can do when visiting it.

Image - El Patio
El Patio
Zuemi:This is one of the best restaurants in the town which offers a delicious menu with fresh ingredients from the region.
Image - Mi Viejo Café
Mi Viejo Café
Zuemi:A beautiful coffee shop with a family atmosphere.
Image - Coffee & Sugar
Coffee & Sugar
Zuemi:This is a beautiful place to eat and have fun with friends. There is a football table, books and many board games that you can use while enjoying delicious food. I'd recommend the lemon-pepper wings.
Image - Colonia Ojo de Agua
Colonia Ojo de Agua
Zuemi:This park is surrounding a little lagoon. There you can go on boats and feed the ducks that live there. There is also a children's play area. The water is not very clean, but the environment is very fresh because of the tall trees.
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The parish of San Martín Obispo de Tours

The Baroque style parish was built in the 17th century. Inside it, you will find many chapels but be sure of watching the "monolith", a prehispanic sculpture in the outside, which, according to a legend, was there to bring people to the church, when they didn't belong to the Christian religion. The legend also says that, if the sculpture is removed, the building will fall down. (You can see the monolith in the cover photo)

Image - San Martin Obispo Parish
San Martin Obispo Parish
Zuemi:The colonial style and the ornamentation of this chapel in the inside is very elaborated but look elegant.
Image - Iglesia
Zuemi:Many people enjoy celebrating in this parish, specially wedding. My parents got married here, 21 years ago.

Ex-convent of Saint Mary Magdalene

This historical convent was built as a plan of the viceroy of New Spain. If you have the chance, go and read the historical passages about the Dieguins and Franciscans. They had established a school and a garden. The school keeps working, now as a primary school called Eufrosine Camacho Viuda de Ávila, but the space used as the garden now is a Red Cross Hospital.

San Martín Texmelucan market

If you are interested in buying fresh fruit, veggies and meat, this market is perfect because of the variety that offers.

Image - Los Pequeños "Aca"
Los Pequeños "Aca"
Zuemi:There are plenty of shops to buy fresh ingredients; many of them, cultivated in the surrounding countryside area.

The perfect afternoon

If you want to have fun, maybe in the weekend, I would recommend visiting "Plaza Crystal"

Image - Crystal Plaza San Martin Texmelucan
Crystal Plaza San Martin Texmelucan
Zuemi:A little mall where you can go shopping.
Image - Cinebox San Martin Texmelucan
Cinebox San Martin Texmelucan
Zuemi:You can also find a cinema. I like going there with friends. There is a great selection of movies all the time.
Image - Smash
Zuemi:A perfect post-movie activity is visiting the smash game rooms, where you can find football tables, air hockey tables, and many other games.

If you decide to go further...

You can visit this beautiful place in the limits of the town.

Image - Ex-Hacienda de Chautla
Ex-Hacienda de Chautla
Zuemi:This is an old hacienda from the 18th century, converted into a park with a lake, a castle, trails, and a forest. There is a little secret... Inside the castle, you can ask the chef to cook the fish that you have caught in the lake.

Give an opportunity to this town!

San Martin Texmelucan is a beautiful town, you can visit it anytime, just be sure of not staying out too late. Also, i would recommend visiting it on November 11th, the feast day of the parish, to see the fireworks in the night and enjoy some music.

Wonderguide map

  1. El Patio
  2. Mi Viejo Café
  3. Coffee & Sugar
  4. Colonia Ojo de Agua
  5. San Martin Obispo Parish
  6. Iglesia
  7. Los Pequeños "Aca"
  8. Crystal Plaza San Martin Texmelucan
  9. Cinebox San Martin Texmelucan
  10. Smash
  11. Ex-Hacienda de Chautla

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