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My Recommendations

My Recommendations

Image - Basílica Santuario del Señor de Monserrate
Basílica Santuario del Señor de Monserrate
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:Beautiful church on a mountain located in Bogota the capital, you cannot travel to Colombia and not know it, it has a great view of the city
Image - Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona
Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:beautiful place located in Santa Marta, to spend moments with your family
Image - Salt Cathedral
Salt Cathedral
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:beautiful place where you feel beautiful vibes and you will be able to taste the walls of that incredible church designed with salt
Image - San Andrés
San Andrés
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:The best island, the best sea that Colombia can have, without a doubt you should go
Image - Museo el Castillo
Museo el Castillo
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:Of course you can not miss the museums, I highly recommend it, it is in Medellin
Image - Museo del Oro Bogotá
Museo del Oro Bogotá
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:This museum is in the capital and it is spectacular, I loved it, it is all made of gold and it tells you the story very well
Image - Pereira
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:If you want to know a little about coffee, we recommend that you travel to Pereira and get to know our coffee region
Image - Santuario «Virgen de Las Lajas»
Santuario «Virgen de Las Lajas»
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:this place leaves you speechless, every moment and landscape you will enjoy
Image - Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:You will be able to know the paintings of our ancestors and it will be magical
Image - Natural wells
Natural wells
Laura Suarez Edith Suarez:and the best place for the last, you must go to san jose del guaviare and know all its most impressive natural and tourist places
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  1. Basílica Santuario del Señor de Monserrate
  2. Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona
  3. Salt Cathedral
  4. San Andrés
  5. Museo el Castillo
  6. Museo del Oro Bogotá
  7. Pereira
  8. Santuario «Virgen de Las Lajas»
  9. Cerro Azul
  10. Natural wells

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