Salta La Linda

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Paula Fernández

Salta La Linda

you will love this argentine province

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Image - Cathedral of Salta
Cathedral of Salta
Paula:free visit guides
Image - Iglesia San Francisco, Salta
Iglesia San Francisco, Salta
Paula:you can visit the museum and the tower
Image - Doña Salta
Doña Salta
Paula:the best empanadas in Salta Capital city
Image - Museo Güemes
Museo Güemes
Paula:interactive and educative museum
Image - Teleférico San Bernardo
Teleférico San Bernardo
Paula:for a different view of the city
Image - Feria Peatonal La Balcarce
Feria Peatonal La Balcarce
Paula:only on weekends to buy handcrafts
Image - Salta Rafting
Salta Rafting
Image - Tren de las Nubes
Tren de las Nubes
Paula:the best excursion to do
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Wonderguide map

  1. Cathedral of Salta
  2. Iglesia San Francisco, Salta
  3. Doña Salta
  4. Café del Tiempo
  5. History Museum of the North
  6. Museo Güemes
  7. Teleférico San Bernardo
  8. Peña Boliche Balderrama
  9. Feria Peatonal La Balcarce
  10. Salta Rafting
  11. Museum of the Vine and Wine of Cafayate, Salta, Argentina
  12. Tren de las Nubes

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