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This is the neighborhood guide for the Rustic Modern Tiny House (http://tinyhousepdx.com)

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Image - New Seasons Market
New Seasons Market
Jenna:[Grocery] Our neighborhood grocery store. 7am-10pm
Image - Either/Or
Jenna:[Coffee] Our favorite cozy coffee spot, two blocks away.
Image - Spin Laundry Lounge
Spin Laundry Lounge
Jenna:[Laundromat] 15 minutes walk, .7 miles. The ultimate laundromat. Eco-focused, exceptionally clean, well-lit, ample comfortable seating, fast free wifi. Attached cafe. Also has laundry drop-off service. 8am-10pm.
Image - Fred Meyer
Fred Meyer
Jenna:[General Merchandise] Car needed 1.5 miles away. The local version of Target, has a grocery store too. 7am-11pm
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N Williams Neigborhood Bites

We live off of N Williams Ave, which is a busy and constantly developing neighborhood. This is a list of our favorites spots within easy walking distance to get you started, ordered by distance. Use this as a starting point, there's so much more to explore! For Portland-wide recommendations, we often refer to https://pdx.eater.com/maps/38-best-portland-oregon-restaurants

Image - Sisters Gourmet Deli
Sisters Gourmet Deli
Jenna:[Sandwiches] Convenient sandwich shop on our corner. Lots of seating!
Image - XLB
Jenna:[Chinese] The easiest Chinese take-out ever, it's 1/2 block from the tiny house!
Image - Eem - Thai BBQ & Cocktails
Eem - Thai BBQ & Cocktails
Jenna:[Thai] It's many folks "restaurant of the year", the newly opened Eem Thai is sophisticated and fancy and really good.
Image - Life of Pie Pizza
Life of Pie Pizza
Jenna:[Pizza] Popular easy pizza spot!
Image - Brass Tacks Sandwiches
Brass Tacks Sandwiches
Jenna:[Sandwiches] Our most-favorite sandwich spot!
Image - Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd
Jenna:[New American] Stellar food. This is the fanciest restaurant within walking distance.
Image - The Box Social
The Box Social
Jenna:[Cocktails] Our favorite cocktail bar, late-night bites and drinks.

Wonderguide map

  1. New Seasons Market
  2. Either/Or
  3. Spin Laundry Lounge
  4. Fred Meyer
  5. Sisters Gourmet Deli
  6. XLB
  7. Eem - Thai BBQ & Cocktails
  8. Life of Pie Pizza
  9. Brass Tacks Sandwiches
  10. Ned Ludd
  11. The Box Social

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