Rovinj - The beautiful small town

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Rovinj - The beautiful small town

Rovinj is a small town in Istria, Croatia. It is a seaside town and it is very popular during summer. There are many new hotels and wonderful beaches. If you want a rest in a calm and nice place then winter months are perfect to visit Rovinj, otherwise you must come to Rovinj during summer!

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Image - Restaurant Orca (
Restaurant Orca (
Ann:A bit far from the city, but very good food, staff and price.
Image - La Perla
La Perla
Ann:Close to the center of the city and only words of praise!
Image - Konoba Tugurio
Konoba Tugurio
Ann:It is located between the Orca and La Perla restaurants. If you prefer a terrace with wooden tables and chairs surrounded with a forest, this is the perfect restaurant for you. It has great food and staff.
Image - Church of St. Euphemia
Church of St. Euphemia
Ann:The most famous and beautiful church in Rovinj. It is on the hill so it provides a nice view. You can go on the bell tower. I have never been there, but it must have an amazing view!
Image - Park forest Zlatni Rt
Park forest Zlatni Rt
Ann:This is the most beautiful forest in Rovinj. There are a lot of beaches and several kilometers of paths thought forest. It also has a rock climbing spot.
Image - Viecia Batana cafe
Viecia Batana cafe
Ann:If you want to try the best cake ever, you must go to Batana cafe in the center of the city! Its name is Sedam Grijeha (The Seven Sins) and it is a chocolate cake.
Image - Family Hotel Amarin
Family Hotel Amarin
Ann:The best and the most beautiful family hotel! It is a few kilometers from the center of the city, but it has a nice environment, beaches, view on the city and places for kids.
Image - Hotel Lone
Hotel Lone
Ann:It looks like a ship and for me is the most beautiful hotel! It is near the center of the city and it has nice view on the sea and Park Forest Zlatni Rt (it is a few steps away from the hotel).
Image - Campsite Polari
Campsite Polari
Ann:My favorite Campsite! I was working there for five summer seasons and it was an unforgettable experience full of fun, perfect guests and new friends. You can choose between camp and mobile homes. It has two pools, one for kids with interesting attractions and one normal with a depth of about 1,8m.
Image - Kula Turnina
Kula Turnina
Ann:A bit far from the center, but it has the perfect view on the city and sea.
Image - Havana Rovinj Cocktail Bar
Havana Rovinj Cocktail Bar
Ann:The best place to drink cocktails with the rich offer!
Image - Mediterraneo Cocktail Bar
Mediterraneo Cocktail Bar
Ann:A nice place to have a drink in the heart of Rovinj right by the sea!
Image - La Concha | Mexican restaurant Rovinj
La Concha | Mexican restaurant Rovinj
Ann:The beautiful and delicious restaurant if you are a fan of Mexican food.
Image - Atelier Charm'
Atelier Charm'
Ann:The most famous place to take a picture!
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  1. Restaurant Orca (
  2. La Perla
  3. Konoba Tugurio
  4. Church of St. Euphemia
  5. Park forest Zlatni Rt
  6. Viecia Batana cafe
  7. Family Hotel Amarin
  8. Hotel Lone
  9. Campsite Polari
  10. Kula Turnina
  11. Havana Rovinj Cocktail Bar
  12. Mediterraneo Cocktail Bar
  13. La Concha | Mexican restaurant Rovinj
  14. Atelier Charm'

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