Reykjavik for the Sweet Toothed

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Nína Þorkelsdóttir

Reykjavik for the Sweet Toothed

Here's a local's guide to the best ice cream shops, cake shops and other places where you can buy mouth-watering sweets in Reykjavik, Iceland 🍭

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Bakeries 🍩

Image - Brauð & Co
Brauð & Co
Nína:This bakery is popular for a reason: they have excellent sourdough and fantastic pastries. Try the cinnamon bun or the hazelnut cronut!
Image - DEIG workshop
DEIG workshop
Nína:The best doughnuts in Reykjavik.
Image - 17 Sortir
17 Sortir
Nína:Seriously delicious cupcakes and cakes. They also tend to experiment with unexpected flavours, such as licorice and coffee.
Image - Sætar Syndir
Sætar Syndir
Nína:Another hugely popular cupcake place.
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Ice Cream 🍦

Iceland does live up to its name, I'm telling you :)

Image - Ísbúð Vesturbæjar
Ísbúð Vesturbæjar
Nína:The most iconic ice cream shop in Iceland. Ask for 'theytingur' and you won't be disappointed.
Image - Gaeta Gelato - Mathöll Hlemmur
Gaeta Gelato - Mathöll Hlemmur
Nína:I'm not a huge gelato fan, but the sorbets are good. The other flavours are also delicious according to my friends ;)
Image - SKÚBB Ice Cream
SKÚBB Ice Cream
Nína:Excellent ice cream shop with plenty of vegan options.
Image - Ísbúðin litla Valdís
Ísbúðin litla Valdís
Nína:This little ice cream shop serves home made gelato. The flavours are original and fresh, highly recommended.

Sweet Stores 🍫

Sweet Store is kalled 'Sjoppa' in Icelandic. We really really really love candy, especially Icelandic candy!

Image - Vínberið
Nína:Here's a shopping list for you if you visit Vinberid: 1. Hris, 2. Draumur, 3. Hraun and 4. Djupur. You should also try Opal if you like salty licorice.
Image - Omnom Chocolate Factory
Omnom Chocolate Factory
Nína:Omnom is a locally produced luxury chocolate. A must-visit for the chocolate lover.
Image - Vitinn
Nína:A very very old-fashioned 'Sjoppa' in the city center. Try the 'kokosbolla' or simply a 'Prince Polo' washed down with an ice cold Coke.

Wonderguide map

  1. Brauð & Co
  2. DEIG workshop
  3. 17 Sortir
  4. Sætar Syndir
  5. Ísbúð Vesturbæjar
  6. Gaeta Gelato - Mathöll Hlemmur
  7. SKÚBB Ice Cream
  8. Ísbúðin litla Valdís
  9. Vínberið
  10. Omnom Chocolate Factory
  11. Vitinn

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