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Suresh:Many Tourist Spot in India and many forts and palaces in India
Image - Rajasthan Travel Service
Rajasthan Travel Service
Suresh:We are Rajasthan Travel Service which is one of the most popular tour operators - travel agents in Rajasthan & committed to providing all of our Clients with best holiday packages and Rajasthan tours specialist hands-on guidance only an expert travel agents can provide.
Image - 2-Night Jaipur Tour From Delhi By Fast Train_258451
$ 270
2-Night Jaipur Tour From Delhi By Fast Train
Suresh:Jaipur Is The Capital Of India’s Rajasthan State. It Evokes The Royal Family That Once Ruled The Region And That, In 1727, Founded What Is Now Called The Old City, Or “Pink City” For Its Trademark Building Color. At The Center Of Its Stately Street Grid (Notable In India) Stands The Opulent, Colonnaded City Palace Complex. With Gardens, Courtyards And Museums, Part Of It Is Still A Royal Residence.
Image - From Delhi: Private Taj Mahal & Agra Tour By Express Train_348258
$ 190
From Delhi: Private Taj Mahal & Agra Tour By Express Train
Suresh:great Mughal monarchs, Akbar and Shahjehan, transformed the little village of Agra into a befitting second capital of the Mughal Empire - giving it the name Dar-ul-Khilafat {seat of the Emperor}. Today a visitor to Agra is caught up in a world of contrasting edifices, of red sandstone and white marble, narrow galleys and quaint buggies, and that irresistible charm that this favorite city of the Mughals still retains. It is not surprising, that modern Agra still reflects its Mughal heritage most conspicuously. A walk down the narrow bustling streets of the city will introduce the visitor to the wafting aroma of Mughlai cuisine.
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