Pura Vida Caribbean Style

Wonderguide by

Ancel Mitchell

Pura Vida Caribbean Style

Beach, jungle, cosmopolitan and laid back vibes all rolled into one place! Relax, enjoy, pura vida!

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Each beach is unique!

Whether you want to swim, snorkel, surf, chill or play in rock pools, this is your guide.

Image - Playa Punta Uva
Playa Punta Uva
Ancel:Best for swimming and snorkeling, especially the Arrecife side. Gorgeous too!
Image - Playa Chiquita
Playa Chiquita
Ancel:Family friendly with shallow rock pools and wading areas. Not ideal for solo women travelers.
Image - Playa Cocles
Playa Cocles
Ancel:The most surfed beach! Strong currents so not good for swimming, but great for surf watchers.
Image - Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Ancel:A wide open beach with areas of superfine volcanic black sand. Popular with surf schools, swimmers and fishermen.
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Things to do

When the beach gets too hot

Image - Finca la Isla Permaculture Farm, Plant Nursery and Botanical Garden
Finca la Isla Permaculture Farm, Plant Nursery and Botanical Garden
Ancel:A magical cool jungle walk amongst orchards with incredible fruits and amazing exotic flowers.
Image - Jaguar Rescue Center
Jaguar Rescue Center
Ancel:The guides are so enthusiastic and passionate about the animals here, always something to learn.
Image - Puerto Viejo Farmers' Market
Puerto Viejo Farmers' Market
Ancel:You can find fresh, local produce, and artisanal handmade products at the farmers market every Saturday!
Image - Terraventuras Travel & Expeditions
Terraventuras Travel & Expeditions
Ancel:During the Zipline Tour you not only get to fly through the trees, but also get to hike a little and view the amazing wildlife.


The best location for all things cacao and chocolate! With 8 local chocolate makers this is a chocolate lovers paradise! Enjoy a class, a tour, or simply a bite! Fresh, roasted, unroasted - it’s all here.

Image - Cho.co
Ancel:There are 8 chocolate makers in the area, and Cho.co has them all represented in this stylish, cool store.
Image - Caribeans Chocolate and Coffee
Caribeans Chocolate and Coffee
Ancel:Great store with good coffee and lots of chocolate to try! Also has Chocolate tours of there farm.
Image - chocorart
Ancel:The original chocolate makers in the area, a nice farm tour!

Best places to eat

Delicious Caribbean, plus so many international choices! The most cosmopolitan and food dense part of Costa Rica!

Image - Stashu's Con Fusion
Stashu's Con Fusion
Ancel:Go to places for locals and tourists alike. Vegan, vegetarian options.
Image - Como en mi Casa - Art Cafe
Como en mi Casa - Art Cafe
Ancel:Fresh, healthy vegetarian food with vegan and gluten free options.
Image - Maxis
Ancel:Famous, on the beach restaurant serving traditional Caribbean food in Manzanillo.
Image - Bread & Chocolate
Bread & Chocolate
Ancel:A great spot for breakfast or brunch. Try their chocolate cakes!
Image - Cafe Rico
Cafe Rico
Ancel:Great place to meet local expats of any country. Closes right at lunch, so eat breakfast!
Image - Gelateria Deelite Italian Gelato
Gelateria Deelite Italian Gelato
Ancel:Kick back with freshly made delicious gelato and cool vibes.
Image - Madre Tierra
Madre Tierra
Ancel:A mix of classic Italian food with Caribbean style and ingredients.
Image - Tuyo Coffee Roasters
Tuyo Coffee Roasters
Ancel:The best place in town to get your coffee bright and early at 7am!

Wonderguide map

  1. Playa Punta Uva
  2. Playa Chiquita
  3. Playa Cocles
  4. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
  5. Finca la Isla Permaculture Farm, Plant Nursery and Botanical Garden
  6. Jaguar Rescue Center
  7. Puerto Viejo Farmers' Market
  8. Terraventuras Travel & Expeditions
  9. Cho.co
  10. Caribeans Chocolate and Coffee
  11. chocorart
  12. Stashu's Con Fusion
  13. Como en mi Casa - Art Cafe
  14. Maxis
  15. Bread & Chocolate
  16. Cafe Rico
  17. Gelateria Deelite Italian Gelato
  18. Madre Tierra
  19. Tuyo Coffee Roasters

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