Pula, Croatia , Taste of Istria

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Pula, Croatia , Taste of Istria


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Image - Hotel Amfiteatar
Hotel Amfiteatar
Matea:Ideal location, right next to the Pula Amphitheater, extremely kind and helpful staff, comfortable rooms, delicious food... I recommend everyone to try this great hotel in Pula! 👏🏻👍🏻
Image - Amfiteatar Restaurant
Amfiteatar Restaurant
Matea:Chef Deniz heads to the local market every morning to pick up fresh local ingredients for his restaurant. Whilst there is the regular menu (definitely not boring), there are also daily specials inspired by whatever he finds in the market. Prices are most reasonable and an extensive wine list make for an enjoyable occasion.
Image - Kamenjak
Matea:Beautiful nature and a lot of wild, untouched places. Sea is clear to perfection. Don't recommend it for families with small children.
Image - Fažana
Matea:The picturesque town Fazana in Croatia is a popular tourist destination and a real vacation highlight in Istria. This former fishing village, near the famous city of Pula, enchants with a breathtakingly beautiful center, a pretty little harbor, colorful townhouses and amazing restaurants, which spread unique vacation flair. The lively beach promenade is also lovely, which leads to the picturesque beaches via an entertaining walk or a small bicycle tour. Also the surroundings of Fazana are really worth seeing. For example, the famous Brijuni National Park with its 14 islands is located just off the coast and the famous port city of Pula is also not far away.
Image - Kulinarski Razvojni Centar Amfiteatar
Kulinarski Razvojni Centar Amfiteatar
Matea:Deniz Zembo is one of our most celebrated and imaginative chefs what gourmet-guide Gault Millau has confirmed on a number of occasions as well as other gastro critics. He started his culinary adventure just over two decades when cooking evolved from a hobby ti passion which is present in each one of his dishes.
Image - Travelade Image
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  1. Hotel Amfiteatar
  2. Amfiteatar Restaurant
  3. Kamenjak
  4. Fažana
  5. TRAVELATICO - Travel agency, PCO & DMC Istria
  6. Zembie's street food
  7. Kulinarski Razvojni Centar Amfiteatar
  8. Verudela
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