Puebla, the historic city

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Puebla, the historic city

Discover the magical things that the city have for you.

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Places that you must visit.

Some of these places will teach you about Puebla is, a city where history and culture play an important role.

Image - Catedral de Puebla
Catedral de Puebla
Alejandro:La Catedral de Puebla is the most representative monument of this city. At the beginning of the "La ciudad de los Angeles", the construction of a cathedral was not contemplated, because the diocese's headquarters was in Tlaxcala. It was until 1535 when the then bishop, Fray Julián Garcés, decided to change the headquarters to this city.
Image - Museo Amparo
Museo Amparo
Alejandro:The Museo Amparo is a private institution founded in memory of Amparo Rugarcía de Espinosa in 1991 by Manuel Espinosa Yglesias and his daughter Ángeles Espinosa Yglesias Rugarcía through the Amparo Foundation, with the commitment to conserve, investigate, exhibit and disseminate pre-Hispanic art, viceregal, modern and contemporary of Mexico.
Image - Museo del Alfeñique
Museo del Alfeñique
Alejandro:The Casa de Alfeñique is a Puebla Baroque style building that was built in 1790. Its architectural elements were applied by Antonio de Santa María Incháurregui, commissioned by the master blacksmith Juan Ignacio Morales. It ceased to be a home in 1896, after the departure of the family of Alejandro Ruiz Olavarrieta.
Image - Museo de la Evolución Puebla
Museo de la Evolución Puebla
Alejandro:The Museo de la Evolución Puebla ranges from the history of the cosmos to the geological eras of the Earth, through the Big Bang and the creation of the human being. It is a venue that specializes in our evolution and everything that surrounds us.
Image - Historic area of ​​Los Fuertes
Historic area of ​​Los Fuertes
Alejandro:The Fuerte de Loreto was the scene of the Battle of May 5, 1862 between the Mexican and French armies. The venue stands out for spreading Mexican nationalism, identity and pride.
Image - Museo Regional De La Revolución Mexicana Casa De Los Hermanos Serdán
Museo Regional De La Revolución Mexicana Casa De Los Hermanos Serdán
Alejandro:In 1911, the new President of the Republic, Francisco I. Madero, would stay in this building as a tribute to Aquiles, Carmen and Máximo Serdán, precursors of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution; later in 1913 the sisters decided to live in Mexico City, so it was used as "Camoterias".
Image - Tunel Secrets Puebla
Tunel Secrets Puebla
Alejandro:The tunnels are 10 kilometers long but only 10% have been explored. Investigations into the construction of the intelligent corridor system have dated them at different stages, starting from the 18th century to the 19th century.
Image - Piramides Cholula
Piramides Cholula
Alejandro:The construction of this temple began in the 2nd century BC. and it is believed that it ended between 900 and 1100 AD. Upon the arrival of the Spaniards it was found abandoned and with the appearance, which to this day, a small mountain.
Image - Teatro Principal
Teatro Principal
Alejandro:It was inaugurated in 1761. In 1902 the building was damaged by fire and temporarily closed. Later it was remodeled and reopened in 1940.
Image - Museo Nacional De Los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos
Museo Nacional De Los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos
Alejandro:The southern Mexican station was built towards the end of the 19th century and closed its doors in 1920. La del Mexicano continued to provide passenger and cargo service until 1946 and a year later it was acquired and reopened by the Mexican government. From 1960 it was dedicated exclusively to passenger traffic and in 1974 it stopped working. The construction then fell into disrepair and its deterioration was increasing. The museum was inaugurated on May 5, 1988.
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  1. Catedral de Puebla
  2. Museo Amparo
  3. Museo del Alfeñique
  4. Museo de la Evolución Puebla
  5. Historic area of ​​Los Fuertes
  6. Museo Regional De La Revolución Mexicana Casa De Los Hermanos Serdán
  7. Tunel Secrets Puebla
  8. Piramides Cholula
  9. Teatro Principal
  10. Museo Nacional De Los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos

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